Captain Carrot

I would love to see a Captain Carrot animated series on the DC Universe app. Just dont make it childish.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Captain Carrot (along with the Zoo Crew) is the unsung badass of the DC Universe.

I’d watch a CC TV show.


I would too, and Into The Spiderverse showd that they can make an anthropomorphic character work. So when will the OG one get his due?!


I don’t really know much about him, besides the information provided in the encyclopedia, but I said to myself "Hes the rocket, (From Guardians of the Galaxy) of the DC Universe " Haha.

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Heck yes. A million times yes. As long as they cross over with the Just’a Lotta Animals at least once per season. And Hoppy The Marvel Bunny.

A few years ago, during the DC Nation era, I was terribly disappointed when Cartoon Network produced ‘Farm League’ segments instead of Zoo Crew or JLA shorts.

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Those Farm League shorts kind of sucked IMO. They’re the only DC Nation shorts I’m not an ardent fan of.


Same here. And of course, it makes matters worse to think that DC Nation could have used CC&HAZC or The JLA for those segments, but didn’t.

@Super-Squirrel I never got how none of those DC Nation Cartoon Network shorts tried giving Captain Carrot a run, seems like a no brainier.