Capitalism and Intelligence in the DCU

@RagDollRebel, it’s interesting you bring up Marvel, specifically Reed Richard’s, because it’s been confirmed in several Fantastic Four comics that most of the team’s activities are financed by patents that he sells. He just doesn’t seem all that rich because a) wealth isn’t his main prerogative and b) it costs a pretty penny to do what the FF do. I feel like this could transfer to DC as well. Many of the geniuses, such as Ray Palmer, could be loaded, but don’t really care all that much and use it solely for funding superhero exploits.

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Mr. Terrific would argue otherwise.


Lex rules all you pompous ingrates, you all stink of the irrational.

Please continue

Randal Savage

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Is Batman a Democrat or Republican? same with Lex Luthor

In reality, Dr. Ben Carson proves this post to be flawed.

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Batman by nature is an independent.

Lex is just a Lutheran. When he’s run for President it’s always as a third party.

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Pretty sure most superheroes are independents

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The premise of this thread is flawed. Access to wealth does increase one’s ability to focus on education at early ages. Anyone who thinks otherwise is daft.

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Batman, like most protagonists, belongs to whatever party the writer does.

Alternatively, he belongs to the party of “I don’t care about politics; I’m too busy fighting supervillains.”

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The Bruce Wayne persona of Batman is more likely, given what we know from Wayne Foundation grants, leans towards the “liberal” side of the political spectrum. Low cost, emissions free power generation device to make us less dependent on coal, nuclear, natural gas and fossil fuels. Even dating back to Batman 66. The bat mobile relied on atomic batteries and turbines. The Batman Animated Series, The bat mobile was, at minimum, upgraded to a non-fossil fuel source. These are all classically more politically “liberal” side of the aisle stances on issues.

Interestingly, it appears that intelligence is linked to earning more money but not to more wealth accumulation.

How does that work? If you are smarter, you have a better chance of getting a higher paying job, but the vast majority of people will spend almost all their wealth on frivolous things regardless of how much they earn.

I definitely don’t believe the main factor for wealth is luck. Can it be a factor? Sure, but everybody I know who makes more money busted their butt to get there.

I’d suggest that self-control and other good values do more to increase wealth than intelligence. I don’t know many people with an income problem, but I know many people with an outgo problem.

I’d say that a roughly even combination of intelligence, work, access to a good education, and luck plays in. Then there are those who inherit their money, and all bets are off with them, but I guess you could count that as luck.


I agree with Bat Jamgss that superheroes just follow the values of whomever writes them, and since the left overwhelmingly control media, I’d say there are plenty of examples of Bats leaning left, but I thought some of your points were worth discussing in more detail.

The Wayne Foundation grants would favor Bats being a conservative since conservatives are much more generous than socialists.

Bruce does invest a lot in green energy, and that probably makes sense in a fantasy universe where green energy is effective, but in the real world, green energy still hasn’t arrived yet and has lots of negative side effects. To name but one example, take the Tesla which costs more in CO2 emissions than a regular car.

The conservative side of the argument doesn’t oppose green energy. Green energy will likely one day have a breakthrough and be a fantastic source of power that will fuel the future. Where conservatives disagree with socialists is in regard to gaming the system to try and force people to use green energies that are not yet ready. For one example, take the billions of dollars “loaned” to green energy companies like Solyndra by the Obama Administration. Because green energy sucks, those businesses wen bankrupt and defaulted on their loans leaving taxpayers in the lurch.

In reality, green energy mandates just drive up the cost of energy and screw over the little guy. As best as I know, Bats just invests in them. Freely choosing to invest in something is free market capitalism not socialism.

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Yeah, I agree those are all factors though I don’t think they are all equally important. I think hard work and being prudent gives consistent rewards and choosing to do the best with what you have will always get you further than fretting about whether you got dealt the best hand.

Many people believe that rich people hand their wealth down to their kids and this gets passed on from generation to generation giving them a giant advantage in life. There is some truth in this, but it’s a lot less than I think most people assume. In reality, 70% of rich kids who were lucky enough to have wealthy parents lose their wealth by the end of their lives. That means the chance of wealth being passed down to the third generation is only about 10%. Again, how you play your hand is more important than the hand you are dealt.

If we are just talking about avoiding poverty, there are decisions every single American can make to make money. The Brooking Institute, a left-leaning think tank, found that virtually everybody could succeed if they finished high school, got any job and didn’t have a kid out of wedlock. If you can do those three things which is in everybody’s power, then you have a 98% chance of avoiding a life of poverty, so I don’t really buy this, “I can’t make it,” nonsense that a lot of people tell themselves and others. I’m not saying life if a perfectly level playing field, but you can have a good life if you do the bare minimum to finish high school, get a job and keep your reproductive organs in check.

Does Harvey Dent represent a political party usually or at least sometimes Attorneys are somewhat attached to a party.

Batman’s money came from his family legacy since the Waynes were a wealthy family.

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I’m not too familiar with the comic version of Lex, but on Smallville the Luthors were another wealthy legacy family.

In a way, it seems like the advantage of coming from wealthy families is what gave Bruce and Lex the opportunities to become geniuses.