Capeys 2019 - What is the best [New to DCU] Book of the year?

Hey everyone, Fans of DC Universe will be hosting the Capeys in January (our superhero awards show) and we want to know.

What book that came out in 2018 and came to DC Universe this year did you like the most.

My Favorites
Red Hood Outlaw, Justice League: No Justice, Batman: Cold Days, and Dan Abnett’s Aquaman.

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I’ll have to sit this one out. I’ve been staying current with my favorite DC books, so most of my best DCU reads this year have been deep in the archive stuff.

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So to be clear, this isn’t a specific new title, but best new story in general during 2018, right? Hmm…I’m gonna have to give this a good think.

Actually, hold on — I did catch up on Dan Abnett’s Titans through DCU this year, and I loved it! So that’s my nomination.

@Jay_Kay Either! You chose!

Doomsday Clock, which is also my series of the decade


@arkhamassassin It did take a decade to finish though…

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Where’s the lie? That would’ve hurt more before the ending was released, but now it’s easier to take the jokes in stride

True. It is arguable that the effect of DC Rebirth though struggled as a result of doomsday’s delay.

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Very true, though thankfully Scott Snyder’s recent comments have given me hope that DC hasn’t forgotten to make sure it gets tied back in w/ the main continuity. Regardless of its wider connection to the ongoing DC continuity, it’s still a damn near perfect book just judging it on its own

It takes place in the middle of phase 1 and phase 2 of Rebirth. (My theory)

I’m tied between Batman who Laughs and DCeased :thinking:

I loved that BWL got his own story as well as the intro of the Grim Knight but,
DEceased reminded me of the amazo virus back in New 52 justice league and I’m a huge fan of Fabok’s art.