Can't superman not breathe in space?

Did anyone find it weird that Superman had trouble breathing in space in the new young justice episode?

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In the old days it was never thought about. Superman could do whatever he needed to do up to and including not having to breath. I think John Bryne took away a lot of his power in 1986 Man of Steel, but I’m not sure if he lost the ability to breath in space. If he didn’t then the death of superman in 92 definitely did.

From what I remember I believe he can breathe for around a minute in space and it is different depending on eras. Some points he didn’t wear mask. I know he did in Superman the animated series, JL & JLU. Think humans can last like 15-20seconds in space w/o equipment.

Silver age supes did whatever the f**k he wanted. He’s very limited now days.


In JL/JLU the mask was also used for communication.

Back in the silver age, he didn’t need to breathe accept to use super breath or speak.

There is an interesting theory that Superman doesn’t have to breath if his cells (including blood cells) get their physical requirements solely from solar radiation.

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I guess it depends on the version.

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He wasn’t as powerful keep into consideration Superman couldn’t originally breathe in space and also it’s unknown if he was near a yellow sun or not at that moment

Y’all should read Superman #33, available right here on this app.

I prefer my superman to breathe air. so in space and underwater, he needs some sort of breathing apparatus if he wants to talk.

I know getting technical in comics is rarely worth the trouble, but if we want to get technical, there’s nothing to breathe in space. There’s no air. Just space.

My understanding was that Superman couldn’t breathe in space but he could hold his breath for a reeeeeeally long time. Like a day or so. I know I saw that in a comic or movie, but I don’t recall which one exactly.


Way back in 1986, Superman’s overall power levels were brought down to make him more relatable; he was still supposed to be the fastest, strongest, and closest to invulnerable-- he just couldn’t push the Moon out of its orbit one-handed anymore. And now he needed to breathe regularly-- where as he’d been able to take a deep breath and store oxygen and solar energy in his super-cells indefinitely-- unless exposed to a different color sun-- now he needed air kinda-sorta as much as anyone else, his nearly invulnerable body allowing him to hold his breath for around three hours instead of three minutes, like a mere mortal.

Gotta pay attention to the crisis universal reboots, as thats when major cannonical changes are made. 1950’s superman could move the earth by pushing on the ground, breathe in space, and yes rewind time. He hasn’t been that powerful since the 80’s.

There is no atmosphere in space, theoretically, so (without a breathing apparatus) Superman technically breathe in space. Now because of his supercompressible lungs, he can certainly hold his breath for a long time.

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Yeah that YJ bit seemed odd to me too. Just kind of assumed super breath holding (like a compliment to his super breath) and just picture Christopher Reeve in outer space in 2, tossing the bomb that frees Zod & co. as well as Zod & co. on the moon. But I don’t mind the weakness. In fact, it actually made it more suspenseful for me. Like oh snap! Superman’s asphyxiating!

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Remember Superman physiology is not human. So, technically we should not be thinking of him in human!

I think it depends on who is writing or drawing the book it’s up to them it’s been don’t both ways I believe sometime he can and some times he cant

Limiting Superman is probably a good idea, nobody wants another DBZ which is why they limited Goku in the newer Dragon Ball as well.

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In short, if you want new stars to shine, dim the old ones in a relevant way. Then you’ll see the new characters flourish without argument.

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I think they were supposed to be boom tubed into a black hole that’s why superman and hawkgirl who are both aliens and Wonder Woman a demi god were unable to breathe in outer space