can't stream videos to TV?

Is there a way I can stream videos from the app to the TV? The app and sound stream but the picture doesn’t

What device are u using? I stream with Apple TV but u can’t stream w/o Apple TV, Roku, or Fire tv. I believe there’s a plug in for phones, iPads etc u can buy too but idk anything about it. The 3 I listed are the only 3 officially listed as dcu streaming devices

If u got app and sound there should be a square in top right corner, that’s Apple TV, so could be different on whatever device u have. But if u hit the right button and your connected properly, it should say stream too whatever u named it. Then a pg will appear and ask where u want to stream. Choose your tv or whatever name u gave it and it will stream to tv.

I’m going to assume u figured it out due to lack of responses & stop checking this post. Hope u figured it out :man_technologist:t2: