Can't Reat New Teen Titans 14-41

I can’t read New Teen Titans issues 13-41, they won’t come up when I click Read Now. Basically all the ones that were originally rotated, it says they are availiable but won’t let me read them. Thank you.

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Try searching the specific title you are trying to read, using the search function up top.
If you are still having issues reading the content, please reach out to the Justice League over in customer support for a bit of troubleshooting.

You can submit a support request here:


Just want to say that DCU customer service has corrected the issue, felt I should give them their credit on it since people are complaining that their customer service never responds. This is my only experience with them, but on this they did.


Thank you so much for the kind words, @DanTheManOne1! I’ll pass your message onto the team for you!