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I signed up for DC Universe Infinite originally in 2019 via my Google account, thus Google is the manager for my subscription. Presently at the $7.99/month plan. Now that Ultra has become an option, I was thinking about upgrading, but my DC Universe account won’t give a membership change option, instead routing me to Google. My Google subscriptions page only gives pause/cancel options, the annual/ultra plans aren’t visible. Has anybody run into this? I could cancel, then sign up again with a different email under the Ultra plan, but I’d lose my saved favorites & reading history. I’ve submitted this query both to DC and Google’s customer support, but was wondering if the community has any ideas. Thanks!

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I am having this same issue. I also saw some others on twitter with it. Going to guess it’s an issue that they can fix (because why would they want to deny fans who are willing to pay for the upgrade?) so wouldn’t cancel, you may just have to hang tight a few days until they fix it.

I’ve been trying to upgrade through the “My Settings” option in the app and it won’t let me. What gives DC?

I saw the same issue earlier today but I saw the answer in the community Ultra FAQ.

Since you subscribed through the Google app store you have to upgrade through the DC Universe Infinite Android app.

The upgrade options will not be presented through the web or through the Google Play app. I didn’t see upgrade options anywhere until I updated my DCUI Android app.
Then I went to the Settings inside the app and the upgrade options were there.

Thank you, that works, I saw the option in the mobile app. Waiting till the funds become available later, hopefully while the $99 initial promotion for Ultra is still available. It would be nice if that had been made clear earlier on, but I’m glad I found out. Google’s own help pages are phenomenally unhelpful with this problem.

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