Can You Solve These 5 Classic Mysteries Before Batman Does?

The Dark Knight is, first and foremost, a detective. Today we’re kicking off a month-long celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary by highlighting some of the classic cases the Bat has cracked.

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What’s your favorite Batman mystery? When did that “A-HA” moment hit you that Batman was more than just a muscle-y playboy in a rubber suit? Let us know in the comments below!


The author of the article here to answer my own question…

The GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT movie had me totally fooled! I thought Jack the Ripper was a different character the whole time (I won’t say who I thought here in case you haven’t seen the movie yet).

With “Who Killed Batman”, I guessed half of the twist in the middle of the story but the rest had me fooled!


Oooh! Gotham by Gaslight was an instant classic in my book. Loved it & continue to enjoy it!


Fun article. I was a bit surprised that Hush wasn’t mentioned. The mystery of who he was was a pretty big watercooler topic at the time.

Gotham by Gaslight’s mystery was a stunner. Talk about a character re-imagining.


I remember reading Hush and all the clues people were discussing on message boards at the time. Little things like the art in the background. I love it when comic stories get that level of discussion going.


I remember that too. I was intrigued as could be by the Hush arc and I was on a break from comics at the time.