Can you guys give a few suggestions on what to read.

Hey guys I just finished reading the latest 2018 justice league issue and I just want to know some other good books to read I read a ton of new 52 back in the day and I’m caught up in most of the current books DC is publishing so I just want some suggestions for some older books on the app I can read. Preferably from the 80s to the early 2000s

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My suggestions: Go read the
~JLA from the 90’s and then the Justice League International
~Hush (Which could be later than you’re looking for, idk when it came out off the top of my head)
~Long Halloween
~Geoff Johns’ Flash
~and his Green Lantern
~All of Sandman
~New Titans from the 80’s
And of course there are a ton of other awesome things, that’s just what I can think of right now


Look at the following threads

All Time Favorite Comic Series and Runs


Can somebody recommend any good comics for beginners.


Thanks guys much appreciated!!!

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I’d recommend starting with touch stone stories that are important to a particular characters mythos. Here are my recommendations:
All Star Superman
Superman Peace on Earth
Superman Birthright
Batman War on Crime
Batman Hush
Green Arrow the Longbow Hunters
Wonder Woman The True Amazon
Wonder Woman Hiketeia
Wonder Woman Paradise Lost & Paradise Found
A Death in the Family
Batman Under The Red Hood
Red Hood the Lost Days
Kingdom Come

If you’re interested in more expansive universe wide stories there’s Green Lantern rebirth which prequels Siestro Corps War, which prequels, one DC’s best (yet underrated in my opinion) stories ever told Blackest Night. There’s also 52, & Final Crisis are more we’ll known top tier stories.


Doom Patrol is really good entire run is on or was last I checked.
All the year ones are good Huntress, Teen Titans, Robin, Batgirl (a classic)
Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E.
All the Catwomans start with Selina’s big Score follow Darwyn Cookes after
Power Girl Power Trip into her solo title followed by Pee Gee & Harley Quinn mini series

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Birds of Prey
Aquaman there’s quite a few. ‘95 was great, not 80’s tho. All the Aquamans on here are really good.
Suicide Squad starts older but new issues on here too
Swamp Thing
The silver age lanterns are great, but honestly, u can get all the same storylines in that, & so much more in Geoff Johns’ run. If u haven’t read that it’s incredible.

I would suggest the following series: Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (1984ish), New Teen Titans, Secret Origins, Action Comics Weekly, The Man of Steel (miniseries), Justice League Europe, Justice League International, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle- those all are from the 80s. From the 90s: Anarky (miniseries), Lobo’s Back (miniseries), The Spectre, Challengers of the Unknown, Robin, Lobo: Infanticide, Extreme Justice, Batman Year Three, LEGION, The Mud Pack (Detective Comics), Catwoman, Wonder Woman (Perez), and Batman: Dark Knight/Dark City

80s green lantern (1960) starting with issue 182

Green Arrow read longbow hunters not the 1987 series.

Batman: Read year one into legend of the dark knight.

Wonder Woman the Pérez run its the 1986 series

The new teen titans!!

Saga of the swamp thing (1982)

For more detailed list check of the website comic book herald!

Going to move this thread over to the Comics section for others also in need of suggestions. Lovely lists you all have provided, btw! :slight_smile:

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