can you add more then single comics?

They dont have a way to add, lets say the final crisis comicbook line to favorites? I seem to only be able to add single issues.
Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked a bunch. Lol


I know… I really want to be able to read full volumes on here, instead of just single issues at a time.


DCUniverse’s deal with DC Comics only allows for issues and not collections.


Cool , thank you fellow comic readers


If you go to the comic main page where it list the entire run, you can add it to favorites. I just figured this out today. 05.09.19 because no way was I going to add 40+ issues of Hitman one at a time.

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I just re-read the OP and realized that I misunderstood the question.
I apologize for answering inaccurately.

@Wildstorm-Jeff has the best solution currently.
However, if you do decide to do them ‘one at a time’, be mindful of the order they appear. The ‘Lists’ sort them as added, bottom to top, listing the most recent add first.
So, to fix this, you’d want to add them to the list in ‘reverse’ order.