Can we please get that “Blue Devil” spin-off?

Just watched today’s DC Daily show with Ian Ziering A.K.A “Blue Devil,” as a guest. I like super natural shows and I think this could be a good one. I imagine it like the old Incredible Hulk show where Banner goes all over the country never being able to settle down, and helping folks by Hulking out along the way. Use that same formula for a potential “Blue Devil,” what do you think?


I’m in favor of any show featuring the magic characters, so we can get some more of them on that screen :smiley:


I’d watch it


I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but if there was ever to be a Blue Devil TV show, I’d prefer something based on the original run. In his first appearances, Blue Devil was a far more light-hearted character, back when his adventures stemmed from his ‘weirdness magnet’.

Maybe an animated series…


I would love a Blue Devil series. Dan Cassidy on the road, being drawn (maybe a weirdness magnet nod) to people in supernatural danger, the Phantom Stranger his cryptic guide. I would totally be down for it.

But realistically, with Swamp Thing being cancelled it seems in large part for budget (Blue Devil wouldn’t need an indoor Swamp, but guessing that suit is not cheap especially when he would presumanly have to turn into Blue Devil about once an episode at the very least. Guessing logistically it would be hard since I didn’t know before the interview that was actually Ziering in the suit, although given how little we saw of it in Swamp Thing guess they could have someone else in it for the show it that would make it easier.)

As well as BH90210 has apparently been successful so that would probably be an issue to film around, I am guessing that it isn’t meant to be. Shame, I think this is the role Ziering was born to play, he did an amazing job in it. But some things are not meant to be. On the plus side, DCU has so far been batting 1000 in terms of quality with me (and it seems most others) so sure whatever show we do get next will be great also. But is a shame Blue Devil is almost surely not in the cards… what might have been.

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Ian is obviously all in for that BD show. The character has already been introduced on ST. I think there is so much potential there for a riveting show. The tortured man who has made this deal and cannot control this Demon, not knowing what he is doing good or bad. He could try and have relationships but always keeping everybody out for fear of when he would change into the BD. Going from town-to-town to repay his debt. Serious potential here friends.

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I also liked the force field element in ST. He wasn’t exactly sure what his purpose was there and literally could not leave until said task was completed.

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Also, I would think this show would be cheap to produce. I imagine him going someplace different every few episodes
With new people and places.

A Blue Devil show could also introduce Deadman. Picture Deadman riding shotgun with Dan the only person who can see/talk to him. The show could be a buddy show like “Route 66” (younger members think Supernatural)

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Deadman would definitely fit in a Blue Devil show just like he did in Swamp Thing.

@IssacBrown I may be wrong, but I was under the impression road shows like that (where the main character has to go someplace different every episode or two) can have a lot of their own cost. They usually require extensive on location shooting, you can’t really re-use sets like most shows (if Blue Devil was driving around helping people in trouble there would be no Devil Cave, or place of work, or apartment for example to keep filmin scenes in over and over). Filming in different cities every episode can be costly and time consuming if they go that route because of the cost and time scouting and securing locations and logistics. And most will get around that by just re-dressing locations and filming in different angles to try to make the same general area look different enough each time to suspend disbelief, but that can be teicky and still has the no re-using sets issue.

Yeah Supernatural so I am told does it so guess it can be done. But if the goal was to keep the budget down don’t know if a lot of the issues with doing such a show as we are talking about wouldn’t just add to the already expensive price of dealing with Devil and the practical effects already. Even if they would not need a large cast of main characters (since it could be just Dan Cassidy, maybe with Stranger or someone as his traveling companion/guide/etc.). Not trying to be negative, I just am not sure that it is practical no matter how good it would clearly be to watch.

Also, on another note. if the rumors and speculation Swamp Thing was cancelled because they couldn’t land an international deal are true, then doubt that it would be easier to market it’s spin-off to services and networks that passed on the first one.

Again, not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. Just think the reality is it would have too much working against it to get anywhere.

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Hi Dan, I really don’t know anything about the logistics of said show, I just thought that would be a cool premise for one. Really as I said before a big influence was that old Incredible Hulk show where he would do just that. It was always funny after he hulked out he would run to a clothes line and get new clothes from some strangers house.

Also, I must confess I have not read one issue of the Blue Devil. I only know him from the Swamp Thing show.