Can we get word if were going to get the Judas Contract arc?!

I’ve done my best to plow through New Teen Titans with the couple week windows between each set. Right now we have right up to issue 41. Mods? Anyone in the know? Can you PLEASE ease my mind and tell me these are being added with the next set of Teen Titans comics? Selfishly, I really want to be rewarded with reading this for my first time with putting in long nights and sleep deprived days to make sure I’m on track with the limited time given to read everything! Please give me some good news?!?!?

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One last bump. Even a Mod with an "I dont know " would be nice. However, a YES would be best lol

Nobody knows their schedule, they only announced up to issue #41 which cuts off right before. Presumably if they wanted to sell subscriptions they would admit if they were going to have it. Since it’s announced Judas Contract will be a theme in a future season if Titans they’ll probably hold it back for a couple of years.

The best place to stream comics digitally is free through library apps like Hoopla.

Thanks for the replies!

Figured I would bump this once… just in case, perhaps a mod would know and could ease my anxiety? Lol

We really didn’t want to contribute to your anxiety XanderStrange, we’re sorry! We’ve been talking a LOT internally about the rotating comics, and haven’t yet finalized the future on this. We don’t yet know at this time if Judas Contract will be up in the near future. But please stay tuned!


@AppleJack Any word on when the full comic library will be available?


I think Xander strange will be okay now

I didn’t pay this much money for a rotating library. This catalogue is very week. The competition releases new comics on a six month delay. This app has hardly any Rebirth issues. Hell, the entire New 52 should have been up Day one given everything was already digitized.

What’s the timeline for increasing the volume here?