Can we get some pics of your Trade Back or Omnibus Collection

I was born in 95 and got into comics when I was 8 have a bunch of comics from when I was a kid from 85-2009, then I grew out and recently with this app got back into collecting single issues and beefed up my book collection. I prefer tradebacks over Omnibus’s.

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i have a lot of omnibus’s thats about all i read at the moment though Im excited for the upcoming Metal Men and Adam Strange series’s

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I’m collecting the Batman Arkham villains books. I got them all except for the Ra’s al Ghul one. The next one in the series will be Black Mask.

I just got vol. 2 of Morrisons batman. Its solid as hell…

Okay so I just got this last week. Along with picking up all issues of The Flash: Year One, I found The Flash: The Silver Age Vol. 1 and had to get it. The Flash is my favorite superhero, Barry Allen specifically. So being able to pick up his origin and some original stories along with his current retold origin was perfect.

I prefer omnibuses. I have a few Golden Age, most Silver Age, and about 6 Bronze ages. This collection doesn’t include DC Comics that arrive in cereals, pop tarts, or individual sales.