i have had this app since the drop day. pre-ordered. they have had the same two comic for red-hood and the outlaws. ONE for the original series, and ONE for the reboot. what is the point of having these comics if yall arent going to add more. same goes for Robin Wars and the tie-ins. we cant fallow through as readers if yall dont give us all the content. i’ve just about given up on trying to read yalls comics all together. yalls tv and movies isnt even “exclusive” like yall say. if it wasn’t for young justice i would have already cancelled my membership.

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I really really wish there was more red hood content on this app. But I was able to re-read the full under the red hood arc here so it has held me over for now

You follow through by going to a comic book store and buying the trade. The single issues are 3.99, and the trades are 15.00, so if the whole run of the title was on the service DC would LOSE MONEY. Consumers want more, more, more, for less, less, less. They’re a business trying to turn a profit. Would you want to start giving things away for free and not make ANY profit? And don’t say there isn’t enough on this service. I’m a preorder sub as well, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is on it. Life happens, y’know? This is like at least the second thread you’ve made griping about content. The community is to rub elbows with other fans. If you have a complaint, TAKE IT UP WITH THE HELP CENTER AND STOP BLOWING UP THE COMMUNITY WITH COMPLAINING. FELLOW COMMUNITY MEMBERS CAN NOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU.