Can we get actual full comics?

Like seriously? cant even put a full series from new 52? I bought this to read comics, not read one and then go pay more money to read the rest of the series


Hahaha fam u got served…marvel unlimited so much better


Should’ve done more research. They said from the beginning that the comics were going to be rotating. You bought this without fact-checking, then that’s on you.


There are some full New 52 series here. The Savage Hawkman and Secret Origins come to mind.

New 52 Catwoman too.

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Is it? I know they’ve used the thumbnail of Catwoman #1’s cover but it’s for the series that Brubaker and Cooke began in the 00’s, and last I looked it wasn’t the actual New 52 series, just a case of an incorrect thumbnail.

I’ll have to look…

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Like I thought, it’s still the Bru/Cooke series with the incorrect thumbnail. Oh well.

As for New 52 titles here, the full run of Hawk and Dove is also available as are all of the regular issues of Aquaman and the Others.

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Must’ve rotated it out. It was like three weeks ago that I read it on here.