Can we buy this poster?

The Arrowverse’s COIE crossover event has been instrumental in expanding my love for all things DC. Does anyone know if the promo posters for this event are available for purchase? I’d really like to commemorate this event with a some dedicated wall space in my home.

Thanks in advance for your help!


That would be a nice poster to have on the wall.


It available on eBay. Search “Crisis on infinite earths poster”.


I won a Supergirl poster from CW at the Black Lightning launch con. I couldn’t believe it was right by my house. It was a stand with all CW employees. You spun a wheel. The spaces were Flash (a flash cup), Supergirl 1-2 posters, Arrow was no prize, like a whammy from press your luck game show, Riverdale was pick any prize & Vampire Diaries I cant remember. I spun Riverdale & picked this poster.

Anyways, people were asking if they could buy different things & it was a no. I bet if u wrote them & said you watch all their shows ( even if u don’t ) etc. they’d probably send u one?


That’s a great idea!

I’m not big on paying Chinese vendors to steal IPs, especially of things I love - so that pretty much nixes buying from EBay. So I’ll give this a shot. Couldn’t hurt, right?


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Absolutely. I will send all my good karma you’re way.