Can Someone help me with a checklist or key issues with Black Mask

Looking for some key issues to look at of Black Mask. I know of War Games and 1st appearance and No Mans Land, but cant remember the title where him and Catwoman had their big feud. Any help on this and others would be great. Thank you.

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One of Black Mask’s tussles with Catwoman occured in the Relentless arc (issues 12-16) of the 2002-2008 volume of her self-titled series.


Thank you for the help

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Batman 518-520

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Thank you as well

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Catwoman ('11-'16) #37 and up to #52 also showcases further Black Mask and Catwoman skirmishes.

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Here are the notable pre-War Games appearances.

Pre-Crisis Origin: Batman 386, Detective 553, Batman 387.

Post-Crisis Re-Introduction: Batman 484-485.

Post-Zero Hour Appearance: Detective 684, Batman 518-520.

'96 One-Offs: Detective 697, Nightwing 1.

No Man’s Land: Bullock’s Law 1, Batman 565, Detective 732, Nightwing 35-37.

Relentless: Catwoman 12-16.

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Thank you everyone really do appreciate it