Can someone give me a good lesser known Batman storyline that I can read?

I need some Batman in my life lol


Random one that came to mind because I just finished reading it: Contagion. Some of the conflict doesn’t make complete sense, but it’s got some great moments in it.

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I will try it out

Batman: The Dark Knight (2010-2011 volume).

Five issues, written and illustrated by David Finch (last two issues were pencilled by Jason Fabok) and it features Etrigan, Ragman, Killer Croc and The Penguin, among others.

It’s pretty sweet.


Thanks Vroom

I will try to check out all of your suggestions

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City of Crime from Detective Comics #'s 800-808 and 811-815 is worth a read too.

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One of my favorite Batman stories is “Blades”, a 3-part series from Legends of the Dark Knight. Written by James Robinson, and art by Tim Sale.

Here’s the first issue:

Speaking of LotDK, I also really liked another 3-parter called “Faith”, where a gang of kids starts a Batman gang, trying to help him fight crime. Written by Mike W. Barr and WONDERFUL art by Bart Sears.

Matt Wagner’s Batman vs the Monster Men takes place between Year One and The Man Who Laughs and is a retelling of the Hugo Strange story from Batman (1940)#1 with elements cribbed from other early Batman stories. Sadly the follow-up (Batman vs the Mad Monk) has not been digitized yet but since it isn’t as good you’re not missing much.

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I don’t know what you’ve already read, but I’ll omit the obvious ones (Long Haloween, DKR, Year One, Hush, etc). If you’re looking for short one or two issue stories I would check out “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” and “The Gauntlet” two of my favorites

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The Cult
Legends of the Dark Knight arcs: Shaman, Prey, Venom, and Blink

@DECE, I read the first few storylines of Legends of the Dark Knight, it was amazing


May not be to your liking, but if you want a comprehensive look at the origin and style of the pre-Crisis Batman you might want to check out “The Untold Legend of The Batman”


Oh yes, The Untold Legend of The Batman is great. Lovely John Byrne and Jim Aparo artwork.


Batman 291-294


After knightfall all the bat books seemed to be mega event after mega event. Youre gonna hafta go deep for any not well known, short, self contained tale.

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The one word that sums up the 90’s Batbooks: crossover(s).

Depends on your definition of lesser known, but here’s some suggestions:

-Jim Stalin’s Batman run(Includes Death in the family but whole run is spectacular)
-Batman Eternal, I read this whole series as it came out, and while recent really shows off all of bat lore

  • The ENTIRE Knightfall saga(The stuff with Bane is only the first act, this whole saga cuts to the core of Bruce’s psyche and what it means to be batman)

And of course, because I can’t say enough about this man’s work:

The Grant Morrison books. Yes, I know they are the definition of mainstream, but after the main Batman series it goes into FINAL CRISIS, Batman and Robin, and The Return of Bruce Wayne. To me, this run is about the difference between Bruce and Batman, as Morrison molds Batman into more of a symbol that many people take on, culminating in Batman Inc.

Hope this helps!


Somewhat. I’ve been reading a ton of '90s Batbooks recently, and the crossovers were just about annual (occasionally even twice a year), but there was still only one or two issues worth of crossover tie-in in any given series, so there’s plenty of two- and three-shot stand-alone storylines. I mean, Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend, Prodigal, and Troika were all in immediate succession, which is a little exhausting, but after that there’s a pretty long break between Troika and Contagion, which I believe was the next one. I guess there were the Underworld Unleashed tie-ins, but those are pretty much stand-alone stories that happen to have the “Neron gives somebody powers or something” gimmick.

Whoops, my comment of “somewhat” was meant to respond to Boodikhan and Vroom.