Can I use the app without Updating?

Hi, I have an iPad that cannot update the DC Infinite app to the newest version (because the iPad itself can only update to 12.5.5).

Is there a way to have it ignore the “Update Now” part that comes up on the screen?

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into trouble with the app on your iPad.

Generally speaking, there is no way to bypass a mandatory update since the app won’t even launch before it’s properly updated to the latest version in most cases. Your device would need to meet the minimum requirements/compatibility for DCUI to function properly, which are found in the individual apps’ information in the App Store.

As of right now, DCUI requires at least iOS 13.0 to be installed on your device.


I’m sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping to hear; unfortunately, there’s not much we can offer to help with in this case.

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