Can I not see the non-ultra new releases now that I have Ultra?

Hey, all, I finally was able to sign up for Ultra but now i have another problem.
I can no longer see the new non ultra titles that have been released.
I’m still reading those books though. haha. I would like to see them. Is there anyway to still be able to see each week what comes out? It’s gonna be six months before they catch up to the ultra stuff.


This page here is the non-Ultra weekly releases:


My last post got closed, I guess a mod thought the question was answered but it was not.

Here’s the situation: I now have DC Ultra. However, while I can now see the new releases for Ultra? I can no longer see the Regular New Releases for DC Comics, the ones that were Six Months from shelves?

The person who gave me the link in my last post does not have Ultra, so for him it works fine. but for me it does not. This is a problem as I am still reading those books. In the future? How will I be able to see those releases?


Sorry about that, I thought the issue had been resolved.

I have ULTRA but am able to view the link @KookieSuperApe has provided. Can you tell me what happens when you view the link? I’ll be sure to make a note of this.

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The problem seems to be that, on the DCUI homepage, for non-Ultra members like myself, there are two different rows: Latest Releases, for the 6 months old comics, and Ultra Latest Releases, which at present is a sampling of #1 issues that are less than 6 months old that were just added on Monday. Apparently, upgrading to Ultra causes that Latest Releases row of 6 month old comics on the homepage to disappear.


It’s what Kookie Ape is saying. I have Ultra so while I can view the link? I can’t see the new releases unless someone sends me a link every week. haha.


It’ll always be the same link. That page gets updated with the new 6 month old books every Tuesday.


ah, cool. thanks man I’ll book mark it.


I’d like to extend this topic, because I’m having the same problem, and I don’t see how the thread has resolved it. I also see only ultra latest releases ( and other collections like trending series, users recommended list., etc) but do not see the standard non-ultra lastest relases list. The comics that would be on that list are not added ultra list either (except the ones newly digitized from long ago). The link in this thread just takes me to the app home, as I’m describing it.

What am I missing?

It is weird. But ape gave me good advice. I now check it incognito to see the non ultra stuff

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I’m not following. I tried the link and it just opened the app as normal I normally see it. And why do you mean by “incognito”? Are you viewing not via app, but browser? (Yuck). (Yes long lag between my response, I only come on to binge on occasion, and just gave up last time).

I think I’ve figured out what is going on. The reason so many of the “infinite”(not “ultra”) new releases are not showing for Ultra users is that many titles show on ultra 1 month after print publication, and then on infinite (not ultra) 6 months after. So those titles, while ‘new’ to just-infinite, we’re seen as new 5 months prior for Ultra subscribers.

If I’ve got this correct, it’s a terrible user experience for a new Ultra subscriber in their first 5 months— because there are 5 months of new books that they might not ever know about.