Can I Improve My Fancast?

So, I do fan casts on Instagram, and recently have started to write synopsizes for the movies. Also I have just started phase one of my DC Cinematic Universe. Does anyone have advice on how to make it better. (Note I have already casted Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman). Please feel free to check out the first movie in the link. Batman - Darkest Night

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There’s a group called The Review Crew with whom you might be able to swap ideas/expand your podcast. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can find them by clicking Groups in this area:

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I don’t do podcasts though.

Sorry, I read your post too quickly. Fan cast, podcast, blog review - doesn’t matter the format. The group might still be of help, since (I think) synopses play a part in what they produce.


I guess I can check it out.

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