Can Batman beat Superman without prep time?

Scenario: Bruce Wayne has dawned the cape and cowl and is ready to hit the streets. Clark Kent has ditched the farm, entered the fortress of solitude, witnessed his fathers hologram message, dawn his
Superman suit, and gone to metropolis as a reporter in disguise while secretly protecting the people of his planet as Superman. The two cross paths not knowing each other. Batman is overwhelmed by Superman’s might, and just Kal-El thought vigilante hunting was easy enough, The Dark Knight uses a led smoke grenade and disappears in the Gotham Night, while Superman anticipates his next move and Batman looks for an opportunity to stoke. What happens next?? Describe the battle, be specific, and be clear on the victor. Also be prepare to argue your case a little bit and also, have fun :).

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Uhh no

Depends on the location

Batman without kryptonite will basically lose against Superman. Once Superman has his hands on him he can beat him senselessly but he will not kill him

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Ground rules for my battle
Robin is around but is young
No Kryptonite
So let’s do this

Batman knocks robin out to have him avoid any fatal injury’s he also signals the bat-mobile

The smoke clears up

Superman flys up and grabs Batman throwing him hard to the ground
(He doesn’t see robin)

Batman has the bat-mobile hit Superman doing limited damage.

Superman in response grabs Batman and punches him in the gut causing Batman to cough up blood.

Robin wakes up.

“Bruce!” He cries.

“You brought a kid into this!” Superman screams at batman.

Robin performing a backflip onto Superman’s shoulders and attempts to bring him to the ground by wrapping his legs around him

“No, I brought myself into this.” Robin snaps.

Robin who is now being held upside down by his legs stares at Superman with his best batglair.

“Please don’t hurt Bruce.”

“Robin we talked about this.” Bruce said standing up.

“Oh yeah codenames.” Robin said scratching his head.

Superman is just starring at robin who is still in his hand upside down.

Superman puts robin down.

Define “prep time”. As far as I’m concerned Batman always has something on him in the belt that will at least level the playing field.

  • Assuming no Kryptonite is present *

Superman can find Batman even in the lead smoke because Superman can hear Batman’s heart beat and his utility belt full of tracking devices. Supes flies through the lead smoke and picks up Batman. I don’t think Supes would need to fist fight a human in this case. He can de-escalate the situation peacefully.

No. Superman would defeat him in a second

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