Can anyone give suggestions for more magic oriented stories?

The magic side of DC has always fascinated me. Do you have a favorite comic you’d be willing to suggest?


The current Justice League Dark is fantastic. The first issue is on here.

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Demon.Knights 2011 New 52.

Search for Zatanna

Zatanna has a series here.

Mystik U is also here, with Z as a teenager in a Harry Potter like school.

JL dark Blight was awesome. Madame Xanadu comic is phenomenal. Rotworld crossover one of my favorites. Trinity War I thought was great crossover. All on site. Legion of superheroes the magic wars.

Frankenstein agents of S.H.A.D.E. also involved in Blight crossover storyline. Most Swamp Thing storylines.

Just read Deadman Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love suggested to me by others on site, it was great. Batman Night of the Monster Men pretty much magic, more science
but it’s monsters as title suggests.

Shadowpact is fun.


Batwoman has some great ones “ How in the Hell did we get here” storyline which leads to The Unknowns both in Batwoman vol 2. Just google storylines there’s an annual in there all say to find. Involves Morgaine le Fey, Etrigan, Ragman, Clayface etc. go to space, Camelot all over the place great reads imho.

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All easy to find not “say” to find sorry typo.

The Books of Magic miniseries by Gaiman. It’s a tour of DC’s magic side.

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Justice League Dark (2011)


I’ve only read a smidge of it, but Books of Magic and 90s Specter seem really good.

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The Power Of Shazam
Secret Six 2014 heavy on Black Alice 1-6 what is the secret of the six, 7-14 The Gauntlet.

Superman/Batman “Sorcerer Kings” was great. All kinds of magic. Klarion, Shadowpact, Etrigan, Scream Queen, Morgaine le Fey, Felix Faust etc. etc.

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The Demon (Etrigan)

Camelot 3000, which sort of embodies the premise of as any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic.

Gemworld (Amathyst) is predicated on magic.


Perhaps I read to many Felix Faust stories of the Silver Age. Somehow I always think of him as someone who does not believe magic is real, but merely sufficiently advanced technology.

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De-Sade acolyte

Yeah the recent Faust is constantly involved in magic. He’s one of those who never learns there’s always a price when using magic, especially dark. He’ll do anything to stay young. Now silver age you’re correct. The more recent JL dark (forever evil) especially blight, he drains Zatanna, Constantine couple others with help of Nick Necro others are Black Orchid, Shade the changing man, Blackbrier Thorn, Blue Devil, Enchantress etc. Faust won’t stop invoking spells even when he’s beaten each time sacrificing everything from his soul to his youth. Just one example, but you’re not wrong. He’s become more of a dark magic user even in the DC cartoons in the recent stuff.

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Oh and also Camelot 3000 was great. I posted & tagged u on a forum a long time ago @Desade-acolyte that I agreed it was one of the more important DC stories that’s rarely mentioned. I’m a huge fan of Morgaine le Fey, that Madame Xanadu was incredible imho & I got tons of le Fey in it to satiate my fix on le Fey.


Justice League Dark Vol.1: In the Dark (The New 52) by Peter Milligan and Mikel Janin

I loved it!

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Oh, I’ll second The Demon recommendation. The 90’s series was wacky fun.

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