Can anyone explain the current dc uninverse\mutiverse

I’ve only started reading comics about 2 months ago.

So my question is what universe is the current dc universe which the current run of Batman, superman, justice league, etc take place in?

Also correct me if I am wrong but the current Batman doesn’t take place in the same universe as the universe that Batman lived in during the Knightdale saga?

Also the Batman in the Knight fall saga is different from the Batman in comics before crisis in infinite earth correct?

Also could someone explain to me the current superman?

So the superman from this universe died and gets replaced with a different superman.
I’ve been told the current superman is actually the superman from the 90s.
If this is true then wouldn’t this mean the current dc universe which would be the rebirth universe be a completely different universe than we are used to in the past?

This is very confusing to me and if someone could explain this to me or show me a video explaining this I would greatly appreciate it.

For some reason, I find it hilarious that nobody can answer these questions :rofl:

And sorry, but I can’t either. It’s a huge question with lots of half answers and opinions. Ever since Zero-Hour, DC continuity has been falling apart. And the past decade has been mostly chaos.

I’m not saying they’re not fun to read. But the days of having a single version of Batman (or any other aspect of the DC universe) which is consistent from month to month are over.


The last few pages of Doomsday Clock help

New 52 is its own separate world
As are othet reboots.

Basically each time Superman has his history changed, a new universe is created.

New history
Wonder Woman is the first super hero of the 1940s who helped create the Justice Society.

Old history returning
The Justice Society existed in.the 1940s

Which was an inspiration.of Clark.Kent to.take the role of Superboy as a teenager perhaps in a covert role.

Who saved Martha and Jonathan they are alive and not killed in. a car crash.

This original.Superboy was inspiration.for the Legion.of Super Heroes again
He could even be a member Jon did not need to be aged up

This may mean that the 2011 origin of Justice League is no longer canon. It may be just another variation of the team reforming. Which means Cyborg may again may be a member of the 1980 Nee Teen Titans.

All this may mean Bryne’s Man of Steel.may no longet be Superboy is back.

So only Donna Troy is stil messed up since the new version of Hawkman has cleaned up.confusion on his history, exvept his relationship.with the current Hawkgirl.

In a constant state of flux.