Came for the Comics

I am a huge fan of DC and I am hoping for more comics on this service. I totally get this is a launch and a streaming service is going to have some issues right off the bat. I really hope more comics (Full Arcs) are added in the future. Not these starter single issues. DC, please give me a reason to keep the service. Sincerely, a DC Comic Book Fan. P.S. I believe in you.


You do know they are not really adding comics but they are replacing, so the library will stay around what it is but issues will be added as others are taken away.

I think they should add all the back issues. They could make 10 a month on these or i could go to readcomicsonline and read them for free. Your choice DC. Release all the comics. Or atleast the old volumes. Then when new volumes come out, put them in. Give me something worth spending $10 on. Im sure there are 1000s of people who would come here just for a low subscription cost and ALL the comics. Thats 1000s and 1000s of dollars that they are going to lose to all the free online collections. Or i could even go to youtube and watch videos about comics being described vividly while showing panels from the comics. There is literally no need to use this service. After im done with static shock, i will be cancelling my subscription. Its the only thing on here worth paying for. #releasethecomics