Calling California Collectors: Please Help Me Plan My Next Vacation

I’ll be popping over to my neighboring state either later this year, or if not this year, then early 2022.

Now, I’ve a few destinations in mind already, such as:

  • Frank and Sons. I’ve known of this joint for years and based on YouTube videos, it looks like my kind of place.

  • Puzzle Zoo. Another joint I’ve known of for years that looks like my type of place.

  • The WB Studio Store on the WB lot. Yeah, it’s overpriced, but if you know of the heavenly goodness that is the WB Studio Store, then you know its the good kind of overpriced.

  • Super 7’s San Francisco store. They don’t make a lot of DC merch right now, but I still want to check out their non-DC stuff, especially their latest and greatest Reaction wares.

My question is, where else in CA should I spend my geek-oriented time at? Museums are nice and all (of course), but I want to go on a crawl for comics and toys, so if any of you CA folks can recommend some mighty :ok_hand:t2: choice :ok_hand:t2: spots for swell comic and plastic fixes, do please speak up. :nerd_face:


I have been here and it is great!

I haven’t been to any of the other places on your list though. :laughing: And I don’t have any recommendations either. I haven’t been in CA long enough to do all the touristy things. But enjoy your trip, whenever it might be!


WB Store is on my list. The other places you mentioned I didn’t know about. 90% of my stuff is ordered online, so not many places come to mind to visit particularly for collectibles. Here’s my short list:

  • Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. Build a droid or a lightsaber. Check out all the other merch stores. Also visit the Star Wars store next to Star Tours in Tomorrowland. Geek heaven. While you’re there, make sure you check out the World of Disney store, for a lot more stuffs from across the House of Mouse properties.

  • DC stores in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and/or Six Flags Magic Mountain. Haven’t been, but really want to.

  • If you happen to have family or friends to visit near Livermore, CA, check out Fantasy Books & Games. Nice little shop, but I bet you’ve seen bigger.


Go to Disneyland, a great vacation place! :grinning:


@Row.Harper I know I can Google this, but have you found there to be a good time when F&S is less busy than others?

I know they get slammed on weekends, so I’m thinking a weekday visit would be better.

@moro Can you go to Galaxy’s Edge and the other places even if you’re not going to Disneyland proper, or is it only accessible via a standard Disneyland admission?

I don’t know where Livermore is offhand, but I’ll add Fantasy Books & Games to my list all the same. :slight_smile:

@Reaganfan78 Do they have a Coupon Day? :wink: I’ve never been to Disneyland, but based on how expensive it appears to be, I’ll have to hold off for now. Thank you for your suggestion however, and if you’ve anymore, please feel free to suggest them. :superman_hv_4:

BTW, Happy DCUIversary/Cake Day, buddy! :partying_face: :fireworks: :confetti_ball: :penguin:


California has so many great places to visit, when times come, hope you have a great vacation. :sunglasses:


F+S is only open Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays. It is usually busier on the weekends but it is only open in the afternoons on Wednesday. So it really is a toss up depending on your schedule.

They get a rush of people right when they open usually so I’d say maybe a hour or two after they open would be a good time to go. Honestly, it’s going to be crowded no matter the time you go. It’s a popular place. But it is really cool and totally worth a visit. Most vendors inside only accept cash though. There is an ATM inside, but just so you know. :smiley:

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The Star Wars stuff I mentioned, including Galaxy’s Edge is inside Disneyland, so you would need admission to get in. Downtown Disney is open to the public though, and that’s where the World of Disney store is. I would recommend you at least do that if you want to shop their merchandise.

About an hour drive southeast of San Francisco. Nice little store in downtown Livermore, which is not a bad area to hang out/grab a bite to eat. However, don’t think it’s worth a dedicated trip for someone traveling on vacation; hence the family/friends note.

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Good to know, good to know. Wednesday would likely be my day to go, then.

I wasn’t aware of most vendors only taking cash, though. Thanks for the heads-up. :+1:t2:

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Interesting. I’ve never been to San Fran, so your store just might be a good figurative kick in the hinder to get me to visit the city of Full House.

Regarding notable nosh, are there any joints around the store you mentioned worth a visit?


Patxi’s across the street serves Chicago style pizza. John’s Char Burger nearby for Burgers (see picture below from Yelp). Cream (ice cream place), also across the street for desert.

If you’re gonna hit SF, Yelp search yields several comic book stores there. Never been to any of ‘em, but if you’re gonna do the tourist thing, they’d be more in your vicinity :slightly_smiling_face:. You mentioned museums, I would at least visit the California Academy of Sciences in SF. Makes for a great day.

Good luck with your planning!


sees photo of a seriously tasty burger

As David Levinson said in Independence Day, “My God in Heaven!”

Alrighty. I just might have to grab a burger at that joint.

…and “Cream” is the name of an ice cream joint, eh? Simple, yet to the point. If they have Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or Mint Chocolate Chip, I know where I’m getting desert afterward. :yum:


Yep, just “CREAM”.


Welp, “Cream” is on my Places to Visit list now. I thank you, good Sir @moro.

bows, in a knightly fashion, then ponders what eating ice cream as he walks along a beach would be like