Calling All SWAMP THING Fans!

We are now only days (!) away from the premiere of DC Universe’s newest series, SWAMP THING! For those that are unfamiliar, the series follows Abby Arcane and Alec Holland as they investigate a bizarre, seemingly unstoppable virus spreading in the swamps of Louisiana and the imminent rise of Swamp Thing!

What are your predictions for the highly-anticipated series and what would you like to see happen?

Let us know in the comments!

SWAMP THING premieres on May 31st only on DC Universe! See the newly released, full trailer here:


Predictions: it will be another DCU original slam dunk. “Nothing but net baby!”

Hopes: I hope it’s not ridiculously violent. I don’t really see why Swamp Thing would need to be excessive in that arena. Psychological horror? Okay, but that doesn’t necessitate…ickiness.

I also hope for good things with Blue Devil. I’m excited for his live action debut.


I’m hoping that John Constantine is at least mentioned if not brought into season 1

very bold prediction she’s connected to the green Bring in Poison Ivy

And I think would be cool if at some point if they brought in The Monkey King


Predictions: Its gonna be great regardless of what I hope to see. The reviews have been great, the trailers have been great and most of all the source material is amazing.

Hopes: I would like to see a lot of Swamp Thing, now I understand the beginning episodes will be his origin story, but I am hoping at one point in the season he takes center stage.

Im hoping they dont hold back and go deep into the supernatural and more bizarre side of DC Comics.

Hoping to see some references or characters that allude to Swamp Thing being apart of a bigger universe. Whether thats references to Titans or Doom Patrol, or we see characters like Constantine and Blue Devil.

I am hoping that within several years we will start to see a DC Streaming Universe(DCSU) with occasional cross-overs like the MCU and the Arrowverse.


Probably drawing a lot from the Alan Moore run. How far exactly we get is another thing. I’d imagine setting up enough of the Apocalypse thing that happens around vol. 4 or so for Season 2. So that means setting up guests like the Phantom Stranger, Deadman (yay!), Zatanna and Zatara, The Spectre, and of course John Constantine. Cain and Abel with the House of Secrets is also fair game, and would be a nice little nod to the first appearance.

On the other hand, I could see it sticking to a lower powered Swamp Thing in the Bayou for the first season. Focusing more on Abby makes her uncle Anton a perfect baddie for the first season. Probably see Woodrue turn into the Floronic Man, and a conspiracy with the Sunderland Corporation behind the bio-restorative formula, or whatever they tweak the chemical that makes him Swamp Thing to be.

Hopefully see Jason Blood/Etrigan at some point. I believe the Parliament of Trees and the true elemental force aspect will take greater precedence in later seasons, however.

Excited for the series nevertheless. Alan Moore’s run is my favorite comic; Bernie Wrightson is one of my favorite artists. I’m on board here. It’s the primary reason why I subscribed in the first place.

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I predict that DCU will continue to bat 1000 and have another quality well reviewed show in their library, and if first reaction to the trailer is any indication I think this will be bringing in a lot of new subscribers.

As for what I would like to see, to be honest ironically while I have seen both the movies and was a fan of the previous TV series, other then some guest appearances in other books I am not a big Swamp Thing reader. But I also want to see Poision Ivy or at least a name drop. I also predict Blue Devil will be a fan favorite, I just got a good feeling about him inspired casting and I think Blue Devil will be elevated from this show.