Calling All Peacemaker Fans!

As we roll into the holiday season, let’s take a moment to be reflect on everything we’re thankful for…friends, family, and some really really badass superheroes. Thanks to them, we can peacefully enjoy our holidays, knowing we’re under the watchful protection of our beloved DC characters. In the words of one particular freedom-loving superhero: “I cherish peace with all my heart…I don’t care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.”

To kick off 2022, we’ll be graced with an awesome new Peacemaker series on HBO MAX, and we’re buzzing with excitement over it…are you excited? You are. I can feel it. We’re SO excited, in fact, that we may have an exciting opportunity for the wonderful DC Community to ask questions to the cast and crew of the upcoming series (wink wink :smirk:).

If you could ask a question to the likes of John Cena and James Gunn, what would you ask? Want to learn more about the process of adapting Peacemaker to TV and film? Are you curious about how John Cena prepared for the role of Peacemaker? Wondering how comfortable that helmet really is? Ask all of your burning questions in the thread, and keep and eye out for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks!

If you haven’t watched the Official Peacemaker Teaser Trailer, check it out here! And remember: give peace a f***ing chance.


Peacemaker seems to be a story of personal redemption, and despite one’s imperfections, trying to become a better person. What are the personal flaws that you’ve overcome, or are working on overcoming?


Whoa, is that Fred’s dad?

I’m excited for this! I wonder how they’re gonna shape Peacemaker in this series given where his story left off in the last SS film.


Sounds awesome™:+1:.
Very exited for the show.

What made you think of doing a show about Peacemaker with him being such an obscure character? And with that in mind what made the actors interested in being a part of it?


Too nervous to ask a question. I really liked the movie and I’m looking forward to the show. Have an excellent day!


why is peacemaker invisible ?


I’m excited for the Peacemaker show, and I’ve asked “Santa” for these Peacemaker-related goodies for Christmas:

From McFarlane Toys:

From Hallmark:

Yes, nothing says “Christmas ornament the whole family can enjoy” quite like a guy who’s willing to kill as many people as he needs to in order to achieve his idea of peace.

For anyone new to Peacemaker and looking for a good jumping on point for him in a modern comic, and prior to the show’s debut, this just came out yesterday (Tuesday):

As for a question for The Folks…

On that note…Mr. Cena, have you read any comics with Peacemaker (be it before or after the release of The Suicide Squad and/or during the production of Peacemaker)? Or did you approach the role as Mr. Gunn wrote it and directed you to play it?


Was there anything in peacemakers comic past that you thought was too strange or wouldn’t work in this live action version like his jet pack or the abilities his helmet has. I think we caught a glimpse of it giving him a force field in the trailer.


What made Peacemaker a better candidate for his own show opposed to the other Suicide Squad members?


James Gunn, do you choose the music first or the scene?
John Cena, now that you have played and will continue to play a superhero, who was your favorite Superhero or Supervillain growing up, and would you like to portray them nowadays.


Welcome to the community @BoneLoneYT , great question.


Was Eagley a real eagle? I would like to hope it was all a real tamed eagle, but I assume it would be some or all cgi. Were the easier shots with a tamed eagle, and were the harder shots like eagley hugging peacemaker cgi? Eagley is by far the best character in the show and I can’t wait to see him.


Welcome to the community @baeby, @BoneLoneYT, and @awesome68901! Great questions all around. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :muscle:


Since there’s a Peacemaker, I guess that makes HBO Max a…



Any recent comics from fear state or infinite frontier that you read(this question is for John Cena)
And any chances of adapting Task force Z? James Gunn


Question of John, what is the best part of being in the DCEU?

Question for John and James, do you see Peacemaker interacting with the suicide squad members again in the future? Maybe the Secret Six?


For James: When Peacemaker debuted in late 1966, he was very much a cold warrior. In fact, his guiding philosophy of loving peace so much that “he is willing to fight for it” can be seen as a really simplified version of the United States’ approach to the Cold War, in general (here are the compromises we need to make in order to keep peace with the USSR).

When you approached writing your version of Peacemaker, were you consciously trying to parody this mindset? If so, what do you think that says about modern approaches to peace versus how it was pursued during the Cold War?


I like Peacemaker without the helmet. He is a strong leader that does not need his helmet. Peacemaker is a very strong character that people look up to and know he won’t die in the face of adversity.


I can’t wait to see this…I loved the trailer that played during DC FanDome. Looking forward to all the new characters that I get to learn, and really getting to love the Peacemaker character.


Hello there John Cena and James Gunn. Thank you very much for your time and answering questions. :clark_hv_4:

For Mr. Cena: How much fun was it driving Peacemaker’s car?

For Mr. Gunn: When writing, do you have a particular moment(s) in mind that you build around, or just go with the flow from the story you want to tell?

Thank you again for your time and I look forward to seeing the series! :peace_symbol: :00_suicide_squad2: