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Please be respectful.

Batman v Superman is arguably the most polarizing DC film. One on hand, there are fans who think it is absolutely horrendous and just plain stupid, while there are those who think it’s a masterpiece of a comic book movie.

Explain your position, and debate with those who disagree respectfully.


Again, no need to insult anyone,. Be respectful but still express your position.

I think it sucks. Letdown like Green Lantern all over again.


Explain why you think so

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BvS is one of my favorite DC movies. The Ultimate Cut definitely makes a big difference. Even though it is a little flawed, I really wish Snyder finished his vision. I’m really curious how it would have all come together.


I loved it, I think Affleck and Cavill did great portrayals as the characters and I believe them more than any Batman or Superman in the past.

There are many reasons to love Batman vs Superman. I love it because it’s like a DC comic series just popped off the pages ajd came to life.

The metal suit that Batman wears is so cool!

Idk, the biggest complaint I hear is that people have a problem with Batman as a killer which is a bit of a problematic mentality. Nobody had an issue with Batman being a killer in Burton’s films, nobody had an issue with Nolan butchering Bane and Joker in his films either but we get the most comic-feeling movie and people are still gonna complain lol It’s not a problem though, people just like different things - just wish people wouldn’t be so biased on one or the other, ya know?


IMO, Snyder has the hots to film a live action version of the BvS fight from Miller’s Dark Knight.

A really good idea for a 912 minute fight. A lousy, and I mean LOUSY concept for a 2+hour film. I found it immensely self-indulgent on Snyder’s part. It had a non-involving plot line, because it was such a steal from that one singular Miller version.

A poor premise, poorly executed by a film maker who thought “my” idea was better than what has come before and the hades with canonical sources.

All I have to say to Mr Snyder is “Hate to burst your bubble, but you aren’t as good O’Neil, Miller and others to numerous to mention. Stay the hell away from DC and superhero movies in general. You are way not the smartest kid in that class.”

That’s my opinion.


@Gibbyhertz I had a problem with Batman killing in the Burton and Nolan films, and I still have a problem with it here in BvS. I think it’s especially bad in BvS because the whole plot only makes sense if Batman doesn’t kill. The Martha scene isn’t actually that bad. It’s only bad because Batman didn’t care about killing in the rest of the movie. Why did he hesitate here? Because Superman showed his humanity? Clearly not, because he was fine killing people in the rest of the movie. And that’s why so many people interpret that scene as only being about their mothers having the same name when in reality it’s a lot more. If the movie stayed the same, but Batman didn’t kill, I think I would like it despite all of the other things I don’t like. Then it would be the story of Batman trying to convince himself that killing Superman is okay only to realizes that he’s wrong, so they team up. With the killing it’s the story of a maniac who briefly hesitates in the middle of killing someone because he mentions his mothers name. That’s why I think Batman shouldn’t kill in the movie. Not only do I believe it’s a bad interpretation of the character, I believe it only damaged the plot and emotional impact of the movie. It’s got such a solid idea behind it, but Batman killing ruins it.


@DeSade-acolyte To be fair, I think he’s on the same level as Millers recent work, which is definitely not a good thing. The more I think about it, the more the psycho edgy Batman in his movie reminds me of All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder

BvS tried.

It tried to be this deep, thought-provoking story, as well as trying to adapt elements from several comics (DKR in particular), setting up a shared cinematic universe, while showing “new takes” on various characters. It tried, and I think it fell flat in many of those respects. An overly long film is a problem enough, but at least do something so I’m not bored. At no point do I feel like Eisenberg-Luthor is a threat. At no point do I feel for Superman’s sullen feelings about being a super-powerful savior. I don’t feel like Bruce has PTSD. I feel like these characters just feel whatever Snyder wanted them to feel for his vision of “realism equals greyed colors, everyone being pessimistic jerks, and 'splosions!” I never felt Luthor was some mastermind, only that he got away with his scheme for as long as he did because the heroes were complete morons. They killed Superman, and I felt absolutely bupkiss. This movie tried, but in all the wrong ways.

All the Easter egg references to the source material doesn’t make the story less nonsensical. Snyder’s “vision” felt less like some epic and creative new take, and more like an inside reference to a story he never told anyone because “they don’t ‘get it’, man!” I can tell when a story is smart, even when it goes over my head, and this movie isn’t smart, no matter how much it tries to insist it is. It’s a joyless exercise in the indulgence of an angry teenager’s fanfiction about how “the real world” would “really” be if superheroes were “real”. But really, it feels like an excuse to have a lot of explosions, the director’s personal cynicism and death (also Ben Affleck’s butt, if you’re willing to shell out extra for the “Ultimate” version).

That said, if anyone’s interested in a more humorous spin on my thoughts on the movie, and has 19 minutes to spare:
I know that’s a longshot, but hey, I thought I’d give it a go.


@Mr_Morbach I agree with almost everything you said.

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@Awesome_Squid I agree with what just said.
About agreeing with what I said.
I agree with that.

I should probably lie down.

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I won’t argue on Miller’s later work. He had one great Batman (Elseworld) story in him.

He is certainly not in the class of Kirby, O’Neil, & Wolfman. Not even up the with likes Moore & Johns.

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I love it. Criminally underrated. Only problem I have is that Batman shoots guns


Extended version great theatrical release sucked. For the my main problem was the second trailer spoiled the whole movie by acts and another problem was WB was getting involved to much wen WB gets involved they ruin movies like suicide squad, Justice league. When they don’t get involved u have classics like aquaman, WW, and BVS


BVS extended version


I think it sucks hard. It’s overlong, way too convoluted, has awful characterization across the board (Lex is the worst), looks dull, has no charm, has pointless sequences like the Knightmare scene…I could go on and on. I never want to see this movie ever again.

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At the end of the day, it was a bad film (IMO) because it wanted to be too much:
–It wanted to be a sequel to MoS
–It wanted to introduce a whole new cinematic version of Batman
–It wanted to introduce a whole new cinematic version of Lex Luthor
–It wanted to be the prequel to Justice League
–It wanted to be The Dark Knight Returns AND The Death of Superman
–It wanted to simultaneously deconstruct the entire concept of superheroes while also build an entire cinematic universe around them
–It wanted to set up films we’ll probably never see (Knightmare, anybody?)
–Oh, AND it wanted to be the cinematic DEBUT of Wonder Woman.

I can’t fault any film for ambition, which this has in spades, but its reach FAR exceeded its grasp (again, IMO). Worse, its PAINFULLY obvious which moments were put in by studio meddling (remember when the BvS fight was FINALLY about to start…only for the film to stop DEAD COLD just so Wonder Woman could some YouTube clips of the other League members?).

All this movie had to deliver was a proper Batman vs Superman fight. That’s it. It’s in the name! Instead we get about two hours of boring political stuff no one cares about, two hours of Lois investigating things the audience already knows, two hours of Superman only speaking like, nine lines in his own sequel, two hours of Batman deciding to kill Superman even though he’s already decided by the film’s opening, two hours of trailers for other movies, and two hours of Eisenberg playing The Riddler playing Lex…AND THEN we get to the fight…which lasts less than 10 minutes and then the last twenty or so minutes is just rushing through the entire Death of Superman story as quickly as possible.

(Sorry for getting a little rant-y there at the end. It’s just frustrating)


B v S is an amazing film. We didn’t need to spend time re learning who Bruce Wayne is we know who he is he’s Batman. Moving past that was a good call.

The next scene is the best tie in to any sequel that I have ever seen.

Superman in the desert demonstrating that he is faster than a speeding bullet was way cool

Showing how the world would react to a Superman was cool no other superhero film has ever done that.

We the audience knew that Bruce feared Superman but to see just how desperate he becomes after the capitol bombing was awesome.

I loved the slow motion eye contact with Superman, as Batman stomps on the gas to see if the Batmobile could take Superman out.

The nightmare scene is way cool. I really liked the look of post apocalypse Batman. Superman being treated like a god. Men kneeling before him as he enters the room was cool. Then without a word just kills Batmans co conspirators. Loved that. It also serves as a reminder of what we (fans of B v S) were screwed out of. Flashpoint in live action would have been incredible.

The fight between Batman and Superman was pretty cool. I liked that it really shows that Batman needed the heavy armor and that Superman wasn’t completely weakened by the kryptonite gas.

Ok here we come to Martha and yep, that sucked. I’ll give the haters that one. It was bad. Personally I would have liked to see Lois show up just seconds earlier to Save Superman. But I’m not one that will let 3 min of bad film ruin a 3 hr movie. But hey that’s just me.

Then the warehouse scene. Well that is simply best Batman scene from any film ever.

Now we are kicking off a full hour battle with doomsday. When Wonder Woman drops in to save Bruce that was just, for me probably one of the greatest moments in cinema history. The Trinity, for the first time in live action. It was so good. Wonder Woman didn’t even get beaten silly and put in the corner with Hawkman this time. She was actually pretty tough. I thought that was an improvement.

I love this film and as I have said before M o S is my personal favorite superhero film. B v S had one little flaw. Wonder Woman tops of this trilogy brilliantly and begins to usher in a lighter side to the Trinity.

What would be really cool is if we had gotten a great JL movie to go with the Trinity trilogy. Oh, well.


Batman V Superman is a masterpiece :+1:One of the best superhero movies ever, in terms of its meaningful depth, poetic themes of loss and hope and redemption, visual spectacle, and its intelligent complex plot.

And it’s kinda pathetic that despite the clear plea to be respectful at the top, some people just still can’t resist the urge to be disrespectful. Give us your critiques of the movie, have your opinions of the movie, but leave personal attacks out of it, please. It’s not only fans who should be spared personal attacks, but the professionals too. No one deserves personal attacks just because you didn’t like a movie. You gotta sink really low to tell people you disagree with to “Stay the hell away from DC” as if you have any authority over it.