Build a Justice League to Beat the Justice League

Ok, so here’s the challenge, build a roster of 7 members that would be capable of defeating a Justice League of the original 7. For this we will say the go 7 are, Supes, Bats, WW, Aquaman, MM, any GL, any Flash. Feel free to use heroes or villains but build the team that you think can take them down.

For me I’m thinking,

Captain Comet (power)
Zatanna (magic)
Midnighter (tactics)
Captain Atom (leadership)
Captain Cold (slow down our speedsters)
Brainiac 5 (almost went with Lex for this slot but figured Brainy was less likely to self-sabotage)
Fifty-Sue (the wildcard to take care of the unexpected)


I’d go with

Dr. Fate
Mr. Terrific
Plastic Man
Element Woman



Captain Atom
Gorilla Grodd
Death stroke


I like yours bc it acknowledges that Nitewing could beat Bats if he had to


The team I am using lately, including my Writing Wednesfay Topic

Mr. Terrific Leader

Metamorpho, very varied power set


Nightshade Teleporter and Shadow constructs

Elastic Women, Rita Farr

Tara Markov


With Firestorm.and Blue Beetle as no 8 nand 9 if allowed. The trainees allong with Tara.

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Now I’m thinking I should have used Mr. Terrific as he not only fulfills the leader role but also can hold his own against the Bat as a tactician. Good team.


Now, I could rattle off a team of reality-warper types, so I’m guessing we should be shooting for rough equivalents of each founder who could outdo them. I’m also going all heroes because I misread the original post and have already done too much to backtrack to make the team plausible.

  • Superman: Captain Atom. He’s similarly fast, maybe not quite as durable but can still take some hits, and can imitate Kryptonite or Red Sun radiation.

  • Batman: Hard to find a non-powered hero who can match Batman at everything, but in a team battle, Batman is mostly relevant in terms of strategy and ability to use stealth and gadgets to sabotage the opposing team. I’ll match him with Nightwing. He’s a better leader and knows how Bruce thinks as well as anyone.

  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is a solid, well-rounded, mid-to-high-powered fighter who’s not the best at anything but is very good at most things and has no clear weaknesses. A “thematic” match might be Captain Marvel, but he’s more similar to Superman in actual powerset. Possibly overkill. I’m going to instead pick Big Barda. Less of a generalist, but makes up for it with brute strength that Diana probably can’t match.

  • The Flash: The Flash has one power, exaggerated to unbeatable, OP-nerf-plx levels. No one has the reaction time to beat him fairly, so we need someone who can be tricky, fight dirty, and has a similarly versatile single powerset. I choose Raven. She doesn’t have to go directly into danger if she deploys her Soul Self, and has the added bonus of throwing him off emotionally if it’s Wally.

  • Green Lantern: Blue Beetle (Jaime) is a pretty obvious choice, since the Scarab is designed to fight Lanterns but is otherwise a similar kind of weapon.

  • Martian Manhunter: This is a rough fight. He’s Superman if Superman were also a major-league psychic. Sending Miss Martian would be the cheap solution, but I think Doctor Fate is a fair comparison and could probably win.

  • Aquaman: Aquaman… stabs things with a fork, I guess? So clearly, the only logical equivalent is Blue Devil.

(This was also without looking at anyone else’s, by the way. I see some people had similar thoughts to me on a couple points.)

(Also, Raven was a last-second replacement for Zatanna when I decided Zatanna’s magic doesn’t count as just one power. Still not happy with that choice, but I genuinely think the Flash is the hardest one to match.)


Interesting choices, I wasn’t clear in my op about who I was setting up against who and your thoughts on Bats make me want to explain my thinking.

I would have Captain Atom leading the team and I believe that Captain Comet could hold both Diana and Aquaman at bay. Zantanna can easily take Supes off the board as he is vulnerable to magic. Midnighter is capableof keeping Bats occupied long enough to take the rest off the board. I don’t think he wins a one on one fight but I think he keeps him occupied long enough to get the job done. Man hunter is where I had problems as well and that’s why I called on Fifty Sue. She can hold off the psychic attacks while Captain Atom matches him power for power

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Zatanna: For as powerful as Superman is, if Zee says “lateleks slessum post gnikrow” (skeletal mussels stop working), he’s immobilized. If she says “caidrac slessum post gnikrow” (cardiac mussels stop working), well, Superman’s not quite that invincible. I’m pretty sure Zatanna is the most powerful DC character.

Hawkgirl: Hawkman is a tank, Hawkgirl is a tank with a brain. This is a bit trickier because she as a character varies so much, but traditionally she’s the one to stratagise more. Also, according to the animated JL series, she figure out where the batcave was and how to get in. And even if Batman had previously told her, she still kept her secret for two years without him ever knowing. That version aside, she is a good detective with enhanced vision and a birds-eye-view. She’s not on Batman’s level, but she is a good counter. Also, they don’t typically have any emotional ties to manipulate each other; it’s strictly business.

Gentlemen Ghost: He’s good at getting under people’s skin, and then makes it ten times worse when you can’t even punch him. I think he could keep Wonder Woman busy long enough for Zatanna to finish with Superman at the very least.

Poison Ivy: You know how annoying it is when you’re running through the woods and you trip over a knot of wood? Yeah, now imagine if you were trying to run at the speed of light, but every plant along the way keeps wrapping itself around your ankles. And as soon as you’re free of one, there’s a dozen more ready to grab on.

Beast Boy: You really do need another shape-shiftier to take on a shape-shiftier. And while it could be argued that Martian Manhunter has the upper-hand with his ability to read BB’s mind and thus predict what he turns into, one has to actually think before they act for that to apply.

Captain Marvel: Water + lightning = smoked salmon. Also, his childlike innocence has it’s own benefits.

Dexstar: All powerful weapon wielded by an angry cat? I don’t even know where that could go, but I’m betting it’ll be enough to throw any lantern for a loop. Cat’s can be very unpredictable and their brains work very differently from humans; that’s were the true strength of this character lies.


All I need is Kite Man!


Anything can be achieved with a kite.

And welcome!


Hell yeah!


You bring up a great point about Zee being OP. That would be a great thread, who is the most over powered hero? Zee would def be up there


Zatanna being able to hurt Superman doesn’t mean she will. She has to be able to finish her sentence, and he has super hearing and superspeed on Flash’s level. As soon as he hears her say ‘etinotpyrk’, he’s racing over to put his hand over her mouth. She’s on my team, but her alone isn’t enough to immobilize Superman.

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Miss Martian
John Stewart
Dr Fate
Captain Atom

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I’d go with
Iron Man
Captain America
And wasp.

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It’s funny you say that bc this idea occurred to me bc of an article I read that said the avengers would beat the JL. I personally don’t see it but that’s comics for ya lol


Mr. Miracle
Red Hood
Captain Atom
Big Barada
Florinic Man
Reverse Flash
Amanda Waller for intimidation


Swamp Thing
Night Wing
The Question
Black Lightning


Tim Drake
Black lightning

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