Bruce Wayne: The Fugitive

Hi DC Mods, I just finish watching the old Fugitive TV show, a while back I ask HubCityQuestion if there was a comic like The Fugitive, he told me about Bruce Wayne: The Fugitive, I’ve heard of the comic but never read it. Can you guys please add it to the comic library, I sure would like to read it! Thankyou. :grinning:

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Rf, “Bruce Wayne: Fugitive” was a crossover in the Batmam line in the early 2000’s that took place after “Bruce Wayne: Murderer?” (also a crossover in the Batman line). Here’s a read-up on Murderer which also links to Fugitive:

The entire Murderer story is available in the Batman: Bruce Wayne-Murderer? trade and Fugitive is available in the Batman: Bruce Wayne-Fugitive trade.


@Reaganfan - Thanks for the request. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the team!

@Vroom - Thanks so much for that detailed answer and link! I knew about the “Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer?” crossover, but I never knew there was a Fugitive one as well!


Thankyou Vroom and Pretty.Poison.Bombshell! :grinning:

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You guys is welcome. I don’t own it anymore but the whole Murderer/Fugitive story was pretty good from what I remember.


This would be a great addition to the library.

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Until those crossovers do come here (and I wonder if some of those books are here, I’ve not looked thoroughly), the current Murderer and Fugitive trades are available at hoopla and Murderer is also available at Comixology Unlimited.