Bruce Before the Bat

Hello DC fans,

I was hoping to use the collective comic book knowledge here. I would like mega list of anything that happens before Bruce Wayne takes up the mantle of the bat. Also please provide the a resource (either comic book or other official source)

A few bullet points,

  • we know his parents die :grin: but even other details about that night would be appreciated. Date? What did the Wayne’s go to see (play, opera, movie)? etc.

  • anything before that night either pertaining to his parents or not.

  • anything after that night but before he leaves for his globetrotting training

  • and finally anything related to his glob trotting journey

some examples: I know there is at least one scene in the Long Halloween story where Bruces sees his dad perform surgery. Also in one of the Legends of the Dark knight Halloween special Bruce recalls his mom reading him the Alice and wonderland stories. all stuff like that.

P.S. I know there is 1.) A LOT of info to collect, and 2.) A LOT of contradictory info. Regardless I want to try and gather as much as possible.

I appreciate the work! Thanks all! :batman:

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According to Untold Legend of the Batman #1:

  1. Mobster Lew Moxon abducted Thomas Wayne from a costume party. He tried to force Wayne into removing a bullet from him, but Bruce’s father managed to overwhelm the gangster. He testified against Moxon in court, and Lew hired hitman Joe Chill to pose as a mugger and kill the Waynes.

ULB Moxon 1
ULB Moxon 2

  1. At the site of the Wayne murders, Bruce was comforted by a social worker named Leslie Thompkins. Bruce was then raised by his Uncle Philip and the housekeeper, Mrs. Chilton (who just happens to be Joe Chill’s mother). During this time, Bruce made a vow at his parents’ grave and began training to fulfill that oath of vengeance.

ULB Thompkins
ULB Chilton

  1. Bruce idolized Detective Harvey Harris and devised an alter ego for himself (Robin) so that he could persuade Harris to take him on as a protégé. After receiving this training, Bruce went to college and majored in criminology with a minor in psychology. However, he realized that legal red tape would prevent him from acting with the freedom he desired, so he abandoned his dream of becoming a police officer and turned to vigilantism instead.

ULB Harris
ULB Major
ULB Policeman


According to Detective Comics #574 and Annual #2:

  1. At the site of the Wayne murders, Bruce was comforted by a doctor named Leslie Thompkins. She became his foster mother and raised him with the help of the Wayne butler, Alfred Pennyworth. On the night of his parents’ funeral, Bruce made a vow at his parents’ grave and began training to fulfill that oath of vengeance.

Tec 574 Leslie 1
Tec 574 Leslie 2
Tec 574 Vow

  1. At the age of 17, Bruce tries to go under the tutelage of Detective Harvey Harris, but he is initially rejected. He takes on a false identity and helps Harris on a murder case. Harris is mortally wounded in the end, and as he dies, he warns Bruce that his anger could cloud his ability to be a great detective.

Tec Annual 2 Harris 1
Tec Annual 2 Harris 2

  1. Bruce attended college and posed as a bored socialite. However, he would also disguise himself as a visiting student and engage in passionate discussions with his criminology professor.

Tec 574 College


The first hour of Batman Begins tells a good origin story before he’s Batman.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I was awesome just less awesome than now.


This was published in the silver era correct?

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And then these were published early modern, correct?

Also this is exactly what I’m looking for I thank you!


Well… I guess someone had to say it​:neutral_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Late Bronze Age and then the early post-Crisis era. They’re all from the 1980s.

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Here’s an informative video about some of Bruce’s training.

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It missed the part where I beat an Orca in hand to fin combat.

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This is a great video! Thanks!

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