Bronze Age Essentials Reading List

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I’ve been reading DC for years now, but I’m looking to put together a Bronze Age Essentials Reading list. I want to read the best stories from 1970 - 1985. What are your suggestions? I’m planning on compiling the list and the making it public.

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Welcome @gbryantlucas.69307. The Englehart/ Rogers Batman run. The Manhunter saga Goodwin / Simonson. Kamandi, New Gods, Mr. Miracle, Forever People, and Jimmy Olsen by Kirby. Teen Titans by Wolfman/ Pérez.


The Englehart Batman run - that’s in Detective right?


Here are some of the essential 1970s Batman stories.

A. The departure of Robin:

  1. Batman #216
  2. Detective Comics #393
  3. Batman #217
  4. Detective Comics #394-395 (back-ups)

B. The original Man-Bat arc:

  1. Detective Comics #400
  2. Detective Comics #402
  3. Detective Comics #407
  4. Detective Comics #416
  5. Detective Comics #429
  6. Batman #254

C. The original League of Assassins arc:

  1. Detective Comics #405-406
  2. Detective Comics #411
  3. Batman #232
  4. Batman #235
  5. Batman #240
  6. Batman #242-244

D. The Steve Englehart stories

  1. Detective Comics #439
  2. Detective Comics #469-470
  3. Strange Apparitions
  4. Batman #311

E. Other notable 70s Batman stories

  1. Detective Comics #408
  2. Batman #234
  3. Batman #237
  4. Detective Comics #422-424 (Batgirl story)
  5. Batman #251
  6. Detective Comics #444-448
  7. Detective Comics #450
  8. Detective Comics #457
  9. Detective Comics #463-464
  10. Where Were You the Night Batman Died?
  11. Detective Comics #477-479
  12. Detective Comics #483-486

Second New Teen Titans. Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Dennis O’Neil.

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Bronze Age Reading list? Okay you asked for it:
All of Kirby’s Fourth World books.
The Batman books by O’Neil and Adams
Superman books beautifully illustrated by Swan and Anderson
The Justice League of America “satellite” books
Swamp Thing!!!
The Phantom Stranger by Wein and Aparo
The Brave and the Bold by Haney and Aparo
Aquaman by Skeates and–yes–Aparo
The Legion of Super-Heroes by Cockrum, Grell, Bates, Shooter and Levitz
The Flash by Andru and Esposito, Broome, Fox, Kanigher, Novick–and the remarkable run by Cary Bates!
And just to wrap this up, because I could probably go on a lot longer–last–but never least…Green Lantern/Green Arrow by O’Neil and Adams

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