bring swamp thing back

Anyone who wants swamp thing renewed for a second season to show how much the paying sommunity wants this show


I normally dont do this kind of thing but the live action shows are amazing and the community needs to speak up and tell DC what we want more content.


I would love for it to be a second season Swamp Thing. Realistically going to happen not at the moment. But it doesn’t mean I have given up hope. But episode 4 is out today and that’s something to be thankful for



I finished “Drive All Night,” and- for the life of me- can not understand why you just do not look for another locale??? Episode, once again, had dynamic acting from EVERYONE!! And, my god, Lady Beals is hotter than ever!!! Mears as Swamp Thing is superb!!! The writing, filming, and directing was brilliant- once again!!! How is there no thought on keeping this show going elsewhere!!!

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I heard HBO and Netflix both passed on it.

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HBO is WB…their picking it up would prove WB’s lack of vision.

It’s not coming back for the foreseeable future. If it was, we would’ve heard something by now. Unless they make a surprise announcement at San Diego Comic Con (which admittedly would be nice, but very unlikely) the best thing you can do right now is enjoy the wonderful work the cast and crew have done with this season.


How much money are you willing to pay to bring Swamp Thing back? That is the question.

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