Bring Nightwing Back!

ok so I’m not sure how i feel about making Dick the new Talon and getting rid of Nightwing. from a story standpoint it seems interesting. But i love Nightwing too much and i don’t want DC to get rid of him for good. thoughts on whether they they’ll bring Nightwing back for good?


DC confirmed that Dick will be coming back as Nightwing after Tynion takes over the main Batman title next year. It’ll be at least a few more months, but the end of the Ric Grayson nightmare is nearly over


While I am ready for Dick to get over his whole Ric phase, I really hope the Nightwings stick around. They stole my heart, and I’d be pretty disappointed if they just gave up on their vigilantism.
Grayson’s whole reason for becoming his own hero in the first place was to step out from under Batman’s shadow. What better way to do that than to lead his own team of vigilantes?
And I’m not talking the Outsiders or anything like that. I’m thinking more akin to what Detective Comics was going for at the start of Rebirth.

Yeah it’s interesting, but I feel like they missed their chance to make it good. They shoulda did that when he was “working” for the Owls. But they ended his time with them far too early after Better Than Batman. It had so much potential but fell flat because of how quick they ended it. What they should’ve done was have Nightwing out Raptor as double agent for KOBRA Cult to cover his own ass and continue but noooooo…

Let me say this, though:

I will brook nothing untoward or tragic happening to Bea Bennett. Both the government of my lands and the norms of my people shall consider it an act of gross misconduct and a failure of international diplomacy. Bea is the best love interest Dick Grayson has ever had.

It’s easy to love Dick Grayson. It has to be. Might I direct you to the two separate laundry lists of people who have done so?

But he’s Ric Grayson now. Ric Grayson objectively sucks. And Bea Bennett still loves him.

I’m not saying I require that she stick around, I’m not asking for the moon, here. My pie-in-the-sky wish is a mere graceful exit. Don’t kill her, don’t wipe her mind, don’t make her a SPYRAL Operative all along. Just point her to the nearest sunset, and let her walk toward it with some dignity.

Because she’s cool. Within the worst case scenario, she is the best case scenario.

Get. You. A. Girl. Like. Bea. Bennett.