Bring JL: Gods and Monsters Chronicles to DCU

I was reading an article just recently about the website/platform Machinima being shut down when it occurred to me that said site was the original home of the Gods & Monsters webisodes that had preceded the release of the movie. Since a lot of their content is slowly being pulled from the web, I thought I’d put in a request to get those three episodes migrated over here to DCU as a more permanent and stable home.

While on the subject, from what I understand, there had been a good amount of work done for the second season of Chronicles before the plug was pulled. I’d love to see DCU pick up where they left off and at the very least finish off the episodes that had been started.

Thank you for your consideration!


Great idea! I haven’t seen the webisodes from Justice League Gods And Monsters. It would also be cool to see Gotham Girls on here too. I haven’t seen it either.

It’s probably on someone’s radar I imagine. Those shorts were fun.

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I’ll go ahead and submit the request for ya!

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Thank you, Kitty!

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Kitty, you rock!

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More than happy to help! :blush:

Yes please!