bring back the Tim, Conner, Cassie, and Bart

I really miss the Tim, Cassie, Conner, and Bart in the young justice and teen titans comic and would love for them to return to the Rebirth Continuity.


Yes please!

This are my favorite 4 teens, and hope to see them soon in the comics.

Hopefully we see them spending screen time together on YJ

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I recently dropped the current Teen Titans book when they changed team to a group of teen brats who just want to beat down everyone. Damien has gone completely off the rails and the book is now humorless and generic. Yes, Tim, Cassie, Bart and Conner would be warmly welcomed back.

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How about a way to teleport into the Batcave?!

Tim would find a way to sneak into the batcave and take off with more of Batman’s “toys”.

Bring the YJ4 back