Bring Back Powerless

Just wanted to start a discussion and perhaps draw attention from DC Universe to brink back the series Powerless. I thought it was great and had amazing potential. And with this new platform there is hope for a revival.


I would like to see it too. But does DC own the rights or does NBC Universal or Ben Queen the creator? It may be more complicated than we realize. Obviously DC licensed their characters but they may not own the distribution rights. Sort of like why the MCU couldn’t use the Fantastic Four or X-Men in the movies. I don’t know I’m just asking.

Warner Brothers Television owns Powerless.

I’d love to see the show come to DCU. I don’t think a continuation will happen, but having its entire run here would be swell.


I agree as well… Bring it here, complete with the original pilot and unaired episodes! Interestingly, I was on the other day and for some reason the video they were running on the story was the special YouTube presentation of the Adam West episode.

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I would be happy if they just put season 1 here. But would seem one of the few they could realistically continue on here (live action anyway) so I would be all for it.

That show had an awesome intro. Thats all I got.


Of course, everybody’s contracts are discontinued. They would have to either renegotiate or recast if they wanted a season 2. It also sounds like the live action Damage Control over at ABC is dead. Too bad DC didn’t think of that name first.

Would you watch it if it came back with a new cast?

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