Bring back Green Lantern and Beware the Batman

Now that DC Universe has successfully brought back Young Justice, maybe they should work on bringing back more classic shows that Cartoon Network stupidly cancelled too soon like Green Lantern and Beware the Batman
And while we’re at it also mention some of your favorite moments from those shows


Never saw Beware the Batman. But GLTAS is fan freakin’ tastic. I would love for them to pick up where the left off.


Beware of Batman was great as well as GLAS. I loved Oracle, Professor Pyg, Mr Toad, Humpty Dumpty, Katana, Lady Shiva, Metaamorpho & Sapphire Stagg & Mister Terrific from Beware. Some b/c u hardly, if ever, get to see in animated or live action, the others b/c of the depictions. Their depicted in the same 3D type style that GLAS is in. For GL, Hal of course, Kilowag, Aya, Mogo, Ch’p, Skallox, Bleez, Saint Walker, Carol Ferris, & the Manhunters. “No man escapes the Manhunters.” Both great shows, would love to have both continue.


I also never saw Beware the Batman. That show was particularly strange because Cartoon Network didn’t even air its full season. It concluded on Adult Swim! I don’t get why Cartoon Network green-lights so many DC cartoons only to shoot them down after one season… But you can probably guess from my icon that I adored Green Lantern: The Animated Series and would LOVE to see it revived on DC Universe! #BringBackGLTAS

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