bring back Constantine

The show was great, the actor fit the role, the biggest problem was fox moved it 3 times in 13 episodes.

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It aired on NBC and aired on Friday nights. It never moved.

Matt Ryan and the character are now on Legends of Tomorrow

It would be great to have him appear on the swamp thing show you guys are doing here.(ahem…like he did in the Alan Moore run)…or to do an animated Constantine show…or of course a dark Justice League cartoon(or live?) Series…the cartoon JLD was so great…I know I’m dreaming big here…it’s just that he’s such a cool cat.


He’s a regular character on Legends of Tomorrow in Season 4


Hell yes!

Yeah, having Ryan on Legends of Tomorrow is cool, but he needs his own show back. The guy is too perfect for the role.

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It would be good to see another Constantine show.

Would be nice to see the character in Swamp Thing. Played by the same fella

Agreed it was a great show!