Brightburn - Super/Ultraman Ripoff?

McFarlane wants the new Spawn to be darker, R-rated and very nearly without Spawn. He wants him to be a figure in the background.

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Technically Blade was a horror movie


People can rip off anything they want. Ideas aren’t copyrighted, just characters. If I wanted to, I could remake Lord of the Rings, change all of the characters and places names, as well as the movie titles, and nobody could do a thing. Of course, my movies would be terrible, low budget failures, but still. That’s why the film Nosferatu exists. It was the story of Dracula told with different names for all of the characters, because they couldn’t get the rights from Bram Stoker, which of course brought about a lawsuit, which they lost, but that was before the public domain laws. Nowadays, you can pretty much retell any story you want. If you’ve ever seen an Asylum film, you’ve probably seen a ripoff. I’m actually looking forward to this, because I love MoS, I love horror, and despite his pedophilic jokes, I love James Gunn’s work.

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You ain’t the only one redhood. Really looking forward to this movie

I am looking forward to this as well - it is obviously a nod to Superman - specifically Man Of Steel with a horror twist - from the looks of the trailer very well done. The Brandon name - obviously a nod to Brandon Routh from Superman Returns - I will be watching this movie for sure.