Brief thoughts on THE FLASH seasons 1 through 5

Season 1 - Still the best season and I don’t think I need to explain why

Season 2 - A strong follow up that in many ways is as good as the previous season. But I will give the edge to the first mainly because I enjoyed Reverse Flash more than Zoom

Season 3 - Yea, this is the weakest of the show so far. But we do get Killer Frost, so we will always be thankful for that

Season 4 - I initially started off liking this season, and there were still parts I really liked. My favorite being the introduction of Ralph/Elongated Man. But the villain…WOW. I thought Savitar was bad. The Thinker’s plan is completely illogical, hypocritical, contradicting, and by far the most egotistical I have seen. I HATE this villain!

Season 5 - Already did a more in depth post, but I really enjoyed it. Some minor flaws, sure, but I thought that had a lot of heart and great stuff

EDT one thing I did like about the Thinker’s arc was when he started jumping bodies and we got different interpretations of the character. Some were too short and could have used more of that

Seasons 1 and 2 are the only good ones with actual good villians that were intimidating

I’m not sure about the only good ones, but they were the best. Savitar was odd, The Thinker ended up being effing ridiculous. But I liked both Cicada’s. Again, minority opinion

Season 1 was a good “Year One” arc. the most notable moment being Ronnie Raymond Firestorm.

Season 2 is the next speedster villian. I am glad that Zoom had a black suit as opposed to the traditional reverse-flash style. also the Harrison Wells of this season would inevitably start what will become the Council of Wells.

Season 3 is the next speedster villian after that. While Flashpoint did reverberate across the flarrow-verse, it seemed like it was jammed in just to do it. i like that there were consequences even after “fixing it”, but this is also the first appearence of a time hack: they know Savitar kills Iris, so this season’s Wells uses his camoflauge tech to sub in for Iris.

Season 4 can be summed up best by what i like about the Thinker: that he is not Godspeed (or any other speedster for that matter). Elongated Man has been a true gem, so double kudos for introducing him. He was also the first weak point in the Thinker’s plan since he needed his body to handle the damage his thinking does. but as the season progressed, I kept wondering how can you beat someone who has thought of everything. And the answer was always the same: you must betray him. And as we saw, recruiting his wife was the final step in defeating The Thinker.

Season 5 ultimately brings us back to Thawne since the whole season is about him trying to get out of being executed. of which, we really don’t know what he was convicted of, or how he got caught. but he proved his thesis of the timeline is malleable at the cost of this version of Nora “XS” Allen. The Flash disappearing was a moment referenced in season 1 that if it remained intact, the timeline is preserved. Which allegedly is related to Crisis on Infinite Earths. 'Nuff said.

Ultimately, my vote is season 4 because it kept me guessing.