Brief thoughts on “Supergirl” seasons 1 through 3

I have always been a fan of the character Supergirl well before I started watching this show. I was very interested in seeing exactly what they would do with this show. And now, I have my brief thoughts on the first 3 seasons and a few thoughts on the show in general (NOTE: I won’t be talking about season 4. That will be saved for a future thread).

Season 1 - Overall, a solid first season. Not as great as the first seasons for “Arrow” or “The Flash” but I enjoyed it. Not perfect, obviously, but now that they have set the foundation they can do even more in the future.

Season 2 - This was more or less the same as the previous season. This is a little disappointing. They could have done more, but it didn’t do anything significantly different. Sad to see Maxwell Lord go, but I LOVE Lena Luthor. Lillian Luthor proved to be interesting and enjoyable as well. But again, not much else is different.

Season 3 - This season is certainly better than the first two seasons. But somehow…not by a whole lot. One thing this season has over the last two seasons is that it was focused on deciding who the season long villain was and sticking to it. Some more enjoyable action can be seen as well.

Now, brief thoughts on the show (NOT including season 4. Future thread). The show started off struggling to find a bad guy to serve as a season long threat, usually introducing them in the last few episodes and forcing them for the season climatic battle. At least, that’s what they did with the first 2 seasons. Season 3 managed to fix that. Now, one thing I always found weird was that they are trying to force Jimmy Olsen to date one of the main female characters. But I’m getting to far ahead of myself. Now, this show always had political/social themes and commentary, but it was kept to the background for the most part during seasons 1 through 3. At least, that’s what it seemed like to me. Overall though, this show seems to struggle to really make an impact in the same was as “Arrow”, “The Flash”, and even “Legends of Tomorrow”. But I am still catching up on season 4 and so far, I am pleasently surprised with it. But I will talk about it in depth once I am done.

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I love the show all over, when i first started watching it a couple of years ago, the first season was a little feminist but got better with time. Season 3 was prob the most boring to me, i just didn’t like the villain’s and of course this last season had me waiting every week on the edge of my couch for a new episode. Jon Cryer was an amazing Lex, he killed it and it was my favorite season to date by far. But its a great show, I’ll rate it above arrow and legends of tomorrow. But gotham and flash are my favorite. The awesome thing about supergirl is all the characters, when they brought the legion on i was all eyes, and brainy is the funniest, keeps the show light. Supergirls attitude does get old at times though.

I’m going to start a new thread a little later talking specifically about season 4