Brian Michael Bendis and the future DC I mean in the future DC

There is to be two part Legion millennium what you also bring into continuity kamandi Batman Beyond Tommy tomorrow o mac and something called off world the artists include Jim Lee Dustin nguyen Andrea Sorrentino Ryan sook Nicola Scott and Jeff dekal

He has changed some of the costumes I like Saturn girls costume


Happy to see the Legion back.

Happier that the series will supposedly straighten out DC’s future timeline once and for all.

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Legion Legion

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Glad.?DC just doesn’t feel complete without the LOSH.

Long Live The Legion


Hope he goes full out with a large cast, adventures across the universe. One of the things I liked about the great Darkseid Saga was that there were so many plots moving forward at the same time that eventually married up.

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Remember Legion fans, there’s a shiny new Legion Book Club to partake in this week :wink:

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