Brian Michael Bendis and His Run on Justice League: Hit, Miss or Both?

Gave up on his JL run with issue #67. Worst run of Justice League EVER!


Joe Kelly, much like Ben Affleck in Phantoms, was “the bomb”.

He’s my third-favorite writer on JLA after Morrison and Waid.

To those who’ve said Bendis would be a good fit on a Green Arrow book, I absolutely agree.

TBH, I’d be a-okay with him helming a new volume of Green Arrow/Black Canary, as those two were among the Leaguers he wrote the best through his entire JL run.


Huh, it’s funny… but yeah, I feel like they were two of his best characters, even if maybe I never came to that conclusion as a complete thought. Given how impressed I’ve been with other recent DC writers, and given how I have liked Bendis’ DC ideas more than his execution in several cases (and my worry that a smaller cast might lead back to the weird dialogue stuff that he liked to do), I’d probably also consider a few other writers for that book, but… I mean, I feel surprisingly ok with this idea. :thinking: Maybe even intrigued to see where it would go. Which is saying something, since I’m pretty protective of Dinah, one of my favorites.

And yeah, as far as Joe Kelly… I mean, on one hand, the Giffen/DeMatteis era will always have a high spot on my list, and but Waid, despite being one of my favorite comic writers in general (his Flash helped make me the comic reader I am today, his first Legion version may still be my favorite, etc), I preferred a story arc or 2 of his JLA run over his overall run, so Kelly might have the better run in general for me…? Loved that stuff!


Speaking of Waid, are you digging World’s Finest?


First issue was a lot of fun. Before I read it and realized it’s a “period piece” book, I was a little concerned with where he’d go with the Doom Patrol… I love some of the newer series with those characters… (and the show!! Holy crap, the show…! Oops, getting sidetracked, sorry… where was I…?)

… oh right, but “sometime in the recent past” is kind of the perfect book for Waid to return to DC on. No need to worry about whether the JL is dying, or who is wearing the S or the cowl at any given moment… let Waid write some classic DC stuff. The first issue was great! Clark and Bruce in their prime. Villains* (*reductive?) in their classic form. And weird twists like the red k cocktail and the Doom Patrol. All with terrific characterization.

Also, it’s about freakin time someone called the Superman/Batman Batman/Superman book by its classic title again. Was that so hard? :joy:


One of the reasons I’m excited for the current World’s Finest book, is because in my years of DC fandom (which began in 1989, when I was 6), there’s never been a World’s Finest-branded ongoing on the shelves in that time, so this new series is kind of a historic first for fans of a certain age.

If you want to further discuss the current World’s Finest series in more detail (#2 is out in just two weeks! :partying_face: ), feel free to check out this thread. :superman_hv_4:


Ha! I was a regular Super Friends watcher and had a ton of Super Powers action figures, but only a handful of actual comics (aside from the tiny ones that came with the toys)… a Flash or 2, a couple satellite era JLofA… but really started collecting and reading around Panic in the Sky/Waid’s Flash/Jurgens JLA, and began collecting forwards and backwards (since I was wondering who the not-brown-haired GLs were, what the story was with Blue Beetle, how Supergirl could shape-shift, etc.) so I’m quite familiar with that era and that World’s Finest. :grin:


If you have those, and don’t want them anymore, I know someone who would happily take them off your hands.

They’re just toys, so they’re not worth much of anything…

“Oh, really? Well, I’ll just look on eBay.”

Noooo! :joy:

Oh well, I tried. :wink:

Super Powers is the coolest DC toy line of all time. :+1:t2:


I DO still have them, though a few have seen better days. What can I say, you give a kid an Aquaman figure (and a cartoon where the whole team regularly joined him underwater), and you think the whole team isn’t going to end up in the pool from time to time? :0_aquaman: That said, most of them have held up rather well. The capes made out of material probably took it the worst… :grimacing: