Brenton Thwaites Answers YOUR Questions!

A few days ago, we asked if you had any questions you wanted us to ask Brenton Thwaites, AKA Robin of Titans. BEHOLD!

In case you were wondering, he’s a really kind person, and he was very generous with his time :slight_smile: We’ll be doing more of these in the future… perhaps as soon as next week! :open_mouth:


Good interview

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Pretty cool. What stood out most for me was that it was important to show “who he’s sick of being” and “trained with kali sticks”.

That’s awesome! I’d love to participate in some of these if I get advanced warning!

My question for Brenton would be: What uncasted Batfamily character would you love to have Dick interact with in the show?


@Liquifator, stay tuned! We just might be polling for more questions this week :wink:


I’d like to say to Brenton Twaites: Congratulations man, you’re officially the best onscreen Robin in live action.

I would have liked to ask him if he has ever seen the episode “Old Wounds” from Batman the animated series? For me, it’s like Titans picked up from the flasback’s end. I would ask if maybe we will ever get to see Titans flashback to his and Batman’s final falling out or if it will be left to the imagination (or to the perfectly crafted episode in Batman tas) and if that’s material he would like to dig into as an actor?

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Tell Brenton that he’s awesome and I’m grateful for the time he put into playing Dick.

I would like to ask him what the hardest thing about playing Dick Grayson is?

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Why there are that few shows? … what happened with Smallville ? Are you guys planning to introduce more shows and cartoons soon?