Breaking News: Virginia Madsen Added to Cast of Swamp Thing

Just when you thought the Swamp Thing casting couldn’t get any better… Please welcome to the stage, Virginia Madsen!

If you don’t know Madsen from her voice over work for Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Justice League, or Justice League Unlimited, then maybe you know her from one of her other 100+ acting credits of a career spanning over 30 years of genre work splendidness.

Who do you think they could cast as her husband, Avery Sunderland? Let us know in the comments below!

Read more details here:


Nice casting and an interesting original character


Love it


is it on DC UNIVERSE

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Love her.


@carrmichael, yes it is one of the original shows coming to dc universe



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Man, I was already so excited for this series. I loved Madsen in the Candyman movies, I saw em at the theatre when they came out. Swamp things cast just keeps getting stronger, I can hear it through the “green” this series will be great!


@djd TOTALLY agree! These casting decisions are clearly made with a deep reverence for genre and historically proven talent. CANNOT wait!


For sure, they aren’t phoning it in on this series, the actors announced so far would boast a resume combo that’s tough to surpass.

Forgive me… This is a LIVE action adaptation or animated?

@maddoxx92, live action. Now that you mention it, calling out her DC voiceover casting is misleading. But this is definitely live action :slight_smile:

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@applejack hmm. This has peaked my interest…

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I am totally psyched about this show. I loved the comics back in the day (like 25 years ago) as a kid.

Michael Madsens baby sister coming to Swamp Thing, I cannot wait!!

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She’s so pretty. Looking forward to seeing Swamp Thing even more now.

That is amazing! Can not wait!