Brandon Routh Returns as Kingdom Come Superman!?

How about that latest news from San Diego Comic Con!? Not only is Routh reprising his Superman role, but it’s going to be the Kingdom freakin’ come version of the character!! So stoked!! Kingdom Come released when I was 10 years old and is the comic that got me into comics and the comic responsible for making me a Superman super-fan! Easily the best news to come out of SDCC 2019! :smiley:


This cant be true…

@LEXCORP, it is! You can read about it in this thread from the Watchtower


I remember when BR fans used to say “Don’t doubt the Routh”. I guess it is true. When that episode debuts, South will no longer be considered the George Learn by of Superman.

I don’t have the hair for textbook headbanging, but no matter, I’m doing my best. It’s a ball too.

:sob::sob::sob:I’m so happy!!!