Brand new to DC. How to start?

Hey all! I preordered for the year and was happy to see the service launched! I’ll be honest, I’m not at all too familiar with DC and the universe in general but have wanted to and this service seemed like it would be the best way to get started with having all this content.

So, what would you recommend a total DC Noob do on here to start and go forward? What’s important to watch and/or read? TV shows? Movies? Animated shows and movies? Basically all of it. I’m kinda thinking of making a list of what I should hit up in order…and also understand why.

Hopefully this isn’t too huge of a question to ask.



I was a bigger DC fan years ago. I haven’t been too pleased with the print and movie releases in the recent years. I am a fan however of the 80’s and 90’s print runs of Batman. I also really enjoy most of the animated series.

Thanks for the reply. I am going to post to hopefully bump this as I’d really love input from the DC veterans. I might make another post if this post is still lost…it took me almost 30 minutes to find this now.

Thanks again and please help an excited newbie out.

Watch Batman the animated series I love it

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If you want to get a feel for characters, search for “Year one”. The origin stories are usually a quick primer to characters.
Justice League Unlimited is also really great as you get to see a looot of DCs heroes and it’s a really solid animated series.


Dark Knight returns. Books and movies. Court of owls story arc.

Thanks again for the replies. Please keep them coming. And let me know, if you dont mind, why I should watch what you’re recommending.

I would start with the animated series - Justice League, Batman, and Superman. They are written for all ages (not just kids, but accessible to kids also) and do not require any background knowledge of the DCU. From there I would seek out whichever characters intrigued you most. If it’s Flash, I would start with Flash Rebirth and read the Mark Waid run. If it’s Green Lantern, I would read GL Rebirth and the Geoff Johns run. If it’s Wonder Woman, I would read the George Perez run. Superman, I would read All Star Superman. Batman, I would read Batman Year one and The Dark Knight Returns. And any of the others - I would look for a #1 or “rebirth” issue and read from there.

You should cancel your service and get Marvel Unlimited instead. This is a massive waste of money.

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TV show wise start with the batman animated series/ book wise start with Batman year One then maybe head into the rebirth

Everyone suggestions are pretty spot on, I would also throw in Static Shock. Love his character’s personality and charm. The old cartoon is pretty campy but in a fun way!

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For a total DC newbie, I recommend starting with:

1:) Batman Begins movie.

2: Then 1989 Batman movie.

3: Then read Justice League (2011) issues 1-5.

4: And then read Justice League International (1987) issues 1-5.

5: Watch Lois & Clark season 1.

6: Read Wonder Woman (1987-88) issue 1.

7:) Read Dark Knight Returns issues 1-4.

8: Watch Batman Year One animated movie

9: Watch Death of Superman animated movie

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And I don’t think they are available yet on this service, but definitely add this:

10:) Read Man of Steel (1986) and the Superman comic series after that, both by John Byrne. Best Superman stories and art ever.

In my opinion you should start with Superman I & II. It’s the gold standard for Superman. If you are looking to start with comics, there are many other suggestions here, but if you want to meet DC by watching something, start with Superman.