Brand New To Comics

Best decision ever @BrandynJaymes! I know that comics will enrich your life as they do mine and every other member in this wonderful Community! Congratulations! I could recommend a LOT of Batman and Deathstroke titles that I personally love (and still can if you’re ever wanting a specific story) but my advice is this:

  1. Pick a character and search the catalog.
  2. Create a simple list, dropping in any storylines that interest you. This will give you a nice backlog. And no worries if you start reading and don’t dig it. Just drop it from your list and move on!
  3. Select one and get started chronologically. I’ve found so many cool limited issue series (4-5 books) so don’t feel overwhelmed or the need to start a lengthy collection (like Detective Comics, for example). Short runs can be super rewarding and really help you get to know the players better!
  4. Enjoy and discuss with the DCUI Community! I’m not in any of our amazing Clubs but have always been welcomed with open arms to talk shop. It’s what we do!

Happy reading! :nerd_face: :books:


According to TC’s profile, he hasn’t been online since roughly the same day he started this thread. :thinking: Maybe he got sucked into a comics wormhole and has been reading ever since.